Augier School Re-opens Monday

PARENTS and students attending the Augier Combined School have been informed that the school will reopen on Monday, April 25.

The Ministry of Education announced yesterday that it had to delay the re-opening of the school due to ongoing work being undertaken by the Ministries of Health and Agriculture, and Invest St. Lucia to relocate all animal farms in the vicinity of the Augier Combined School.

The process of relocating all of the farms should be completed by tomorrow; however, the largest chicken farm in the area has been relocated, the Ministry said.

The Ministry of Education’s statement thanked the Prime Minister and the Cabinet as well as Invest St. Lucia for “the leadership and support” provided in this matter.

It added: “The Ministry of Education is also grateful to the students, staff and parents of students of the Augier Combined School for their understanding and patience as they await the resumption of classes”.

The Ministry said it believed that the measures taken will bring about a lasting solution to the problem of school disruption caused by the odour of the animal farms.

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