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TJ Says Big ‘Thank You’

TJ showered with confetti during an appearance in Trinidad.

After T’dad, Gets Ready For Jazz and Other Shows.

TJ showered with confetti during an appearance in Trinidad.
TJ showered with confetti during an appearance in Trinidad.

UPON the culmination of a tremendously successful Trinidad Carnival season and “Allez” Tour, Saint Lucia’s Teddyson John (TJ) is expressing sincerest gratitude to all who shared the historic journey with him.

Having departed Saint Lucia from January 1, TJ graced the stages of well over 60 events throughout the period, delivering ground-breaking and pore-raising performances.

Quite apart from event performances, TJ also appeared on several television and radio interviews from some of Trinidad and Tobago’s most widely viewed and listened to stations including CNC3 News, Synergy TV, Slam 100.5 and others. TJ also made a concerted effort to embark on an educational tour by visiting several schools, all in his aim of spreading his uplifting and positive message to all walks of life.

As a favourite for the season and also for the International Soca Monarch Competition (ISM), TJ was sure to deliver a remarkable performance on February 5 at the Haseley Crawford Stadium . TJ wooed the audience as he flawlessly executed one of the best vocally and musically poised performances of the night. Despite not having placed in the top three, Teddyson’s reviews continue to remain high by all intrigued by his performance on the night.

TJ who returned to Saint Lucia on Monday said: “From the bottom of my heart I want to truly say a huge Thank You to everyone. The past month and a half has been life-changing for me and for my career. I want to thank all fans, supporters, well-wishers, my team, everyone who voted, everyone who prayed , all of Saint Lucia, the Caribbean and everyone from their part of the world who stuck with me. I will continue to deliver great music and so everyone can look forward to even more amazing music from me. “

TJ is getting set for his performance at the upcoming Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, on Friday May 6. He is also scheduled to make several domestic, regional and international appearances for the remainder of 2016.

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