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CONFESSIONS FOR THE SOUL …The Independence Journey

By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

I begin with a confession that for some persons the independence journey never got off the ground. And pointing fingers at this stage will do no good. Better to recognize the truth and use it to shape a better future. Persons who are incapable of independent thought (that is, without regurgitating someone else’s opinion), have no place in the planning process that marks independence. Let me be clear. It takes a certain amount of radical thinking. And I confess that I am no radical, only a free thinker; one who questions what the eyes behold and searches for deeper answers to that which the imagination perceives – the rare possibilities.

Indeed, I often remind myself that Jesus Christ was a radical, not me. I would resist a political journey that would end in my demise, if I could help it. Jesus Christ did no such thing even though he was at times careful to warn those whom he had healed to ‘mention this to no one.’ Of course, people talked, and when his good deeds reached the hierarchy in Jerusalem he was seen as a threat. He was to be stopped at all cost and be put to death.

No one can say such a thing about me, or about John Compton or George Charles, or even George Odlum of the nineteen fifties and early sixties? The truth is that there were amongst the early political activists ‘prophets’ and ‘philosophers’ of little education and fewer skills, but there were also medical doctors, lawyers and prominent businessmen, and educated farmers among the early political visionaries and radicals.

I had participated fairly in the most important aspects of the foundation towards political independence – by which I mean attempting to educate the masses on this island on various aspects of their history and culture – including the use of Creole and the journey to be undertaken if one wished to be truly independent. For some independence was stillborn for at least two reasons. Fear that the masses would demand an independence constitution that would transfer power from the old aristocracy and plantation into their hands. Reluctance by those who wished for independence, to compromise with new ideas for a new constitution. Was anyone told beforehand that, independence would be meaningless without consistent hard work?

From this day forward, at least try and set the hypocrisy aside and reboot ‘independence’ by setting aside the exclusivity of the plantation and colonial mind set and instead taking on new ideas for 2017 and beyond even from those who are sometimes perceived as ‘the enemy.’

In addition to the reasons given there remains one major concern which some so called leaders are afraid to mention. I refer to the colours of the national banner – the flag. A sizeable number of citizens will remain unfulfilled and unhappy, as long as the national flag remains minus the red – and green for good measure. There are persons who believe sincerely that ‘red’ was marginalized and left to languish due to a fear of communism. The man who designed it may not have felt that way but what can one say about those who judged the contest and selected the flag?

The fact that there are persons who are quick to point fingers at whom or what may be responsible for the lacklustre thirty-seven year’s celebrations proves my point, doesn’t it? But it’s not too late to bend the future in an all inclusive national agenda, flag and anthem and all – including a new constitution along the lines of the Suzie d’Auvergne Constitution Review Committee, as reported.

How should we proceed? A picture of a man wearing a black T-shirt with the words ‘100% Saint Lucian” printed at its front and the ‘A’ in ‘Saint’ in the form of a map of the island bearing the national flag. Neither the words nor the design meant more than a simple acknowledgement of 37 years of independence. However, as the wearer was also Prime Minister of the island, it smacked of hypocrisy because that same man spends more time teaching his party faithful to hate the colour yellow because it is seen as that of the UWP – the minority party in parliament. By the way, he also teaches hatred for the leader of the UWP – Allen Chastanet.

A true confession by the Prime Minister (PM), acknowledging the yellow in the flag while pointing out the need for a little red (and green?), would have been a more manly thing to do at the 37th anniversary of independence. As things now stand the Prime Minister and his lot tried hard to impose red wherever they can and however they can on portraits of independence 2016 and on the psychic of the people wherever one turns. It reminds one of the heyday of the USSR. Unfortunately, such raw political force no longer works especially with people who value their freedom. People see the SLP sham and are angered by it.

The truth remains that the STAR promotion would have hit the mark had the words on the shirt worn by the Prime Minister on the back of last weekend’s STAR newspaper read: ‘The Journey has not begun for the Red.’ It would have struck the PM’s fiercest opponents as more truthful, honest, and more representative of the sentiments of his party. His honesty would have signalled a new sign of hope around the corner.

For those who have been on the independence journey it is now past high time to develop a new and more creative national independence agenda. The outlines of such an agenda will be suggested in next week’s piece.


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    I a going to bring back the great Dr. Kenny Davis Anthony as PM next election
    who don’t like it complain to the commission
    none of you u w p going to tell me how to run my country
    i defy any of you to dictate to me
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    this matter must go no thither i am politically strong
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  3. Peetar/
    your take on the flag’s colors unveils your preponderance to grovel in the spitoons at Maison Chas -in order to debase thine self.
    A true peace maker patriot of St Lucia may have suggested the following for an updated flag
    – keep the trianges to two symbolizing our UNIQUE majestic Pitons
    – The black white replaced by GREEN the natural bounty of our environment and our need to conserve it for the future.
    The absent RED which you so demonized so deceptively-
    ( it takes a deceptive demon to do what you do)
    Is symbolic of the blood of slaves who died or the wounds opened from lashings of the slave drivers WHIP, mutilations, chains, branding irons, forcible rape of VIRGINS etc.
    Then the yellow of our SUN can be blended with this RED blood shed from ungogly slavery to become the new ORANGE of our RESILIENCY –
    Thu,s WE RISE as described in MAYA ANGELOU’s unique poem
    As a reult the flag is SIMPLY layed out and understood in purest geologic and historical RELEVANCE.
    But PEETAR you could not write this because you are bought like Judas to do the bidding of ……………………………………
    and you are too drunk to know that you are a DANGLING PUPPET!

  4. The sanitized confessions of Chas Inc was published recently-
    were you given a line , page or chapter in Chas sr book of confessions?
    Peetar here is the synopsis of Chas Inc founders book
    But this isle is no Jamaica…
    here, Governorships are for noble high moral characters….n’est pas?.

  5. One of the things that have always amazed me is the brilliant writings by some of our best educators that have become morally responsible in trying to create a fair balance especially with government issues. The opportunity is given to the critics to eradicate the problem through their suggested approach and methods, yet the problem continues. Basically it boils down to laziness. Laziness in this situation can be described by one not putting forth their best effort once granted the chance to make a positive change. But that is what politics is all about. Us being very proud in deceiving the ones we claim to love and care for.imagine if we who claim to be the educated conduct our lives in such manner then have the guts to condemn. What then should we expect from” the lesser in society?” Basically politics is mostly about impressions. Making most of us politicians by lifestyle. Providing but never delivering.

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  11. SOM how much longer will u continue 2 warn people about this evil in the Church? People don’t necessarily care what the priests do. You think we are so stupid that we don’t know what these men are doing to realize their sexual orientation and desire? Believe me we know, but what can we do, when we are controlled by the England and France

  12. Looking at the link, I have to say SOM you have been way ahead of the time. You have been telling us about this for as long as I can remember. The Voice should give an award called BLOGGER OF THE YEAR. Not saying that you should be BOTY, because there are many other bloggers who address cutting edge topics in this newspaper, because of the topics raised in the VOICE.

  13. TIME
    SOM stimulates /motivates us to THINK/QUERY and to be proactive about injustices- even about our own bed rock / crystallized theories or notions –
    that we have “thrived” upon.
    Your sentiments are worth celebrating.

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