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M’liss Elliot

Image of M’liss Elliot
Image of M’liss Elliot
M’liss Elliot

Our WOTW is the true embodiment of the term “Girl Next Door” that one would most definitely want in their neighbourhood with her sweet and kind persona.

M’liss Elliot is a 35 year old mother of two who is in the process of building her life back up after her dreams were pulled from under her feet in a twist of fate.

Hailing from the small village of Laborie, Elliot was raised with song in her heart which prompted her to dabble in singing, starting with the Laborie choir, then into the South Calypso Tent (sc) as a background vocalist as well as the NG Soca Stage.

Elliot also performed at the Inter-Commercial House competition and even went on to perform in two music videos but alas, her heart and passions lay elsewhere.

The aspiring singer has a passion for food…well cooking it to be precise and was well on her way to opening her own catering business called “Heavenly Delights” after her popularity grew from catering for numerous events island wide.

However, all plans were forcibly put on ice three years ago after a fall at her workplace left her with cervical and spinal problems.

She said; “This is when I discovered my strength.”

Elliot’s injuries limited her way of life and often took her away from the people that she loved the most as therapy to recover from her injuries required her to travel to Martinique

That was no easy task: “I fell into deep depression because I felt alone in a non-English speaking country until one day a Samaritan offered to take me to the hospital and up to this day he has sat through all my sessions of therapy and visits.”

Elliot said she misses her old life as she is not as vibrant as she used to be but with the help of her family and spouse, life has never been better: “The love we’ve been sharing with each other makes a lot of bad situations better.”

Something interesting about Elliot that not too many people might know is that her passion for cooking also doubles up as therapy for her soul.

She said; “When I’m sad, depressed or in a bad mood I would just start cooking no matters what time or day it is.”

As if that wasn’t cute enough, at the end of every month, the mother/spouse/singer/caterer donates to charity even though in her own words; “I might not have much.”

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