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We Wait Quietly

By Sons and Daughters

IN all our born days, we have not seen one man (KA) so scared of another human being (AC). He and his minions are obsessed with Allen and up to this point have tried EVERYTHING to tear him apart, every dishonest thing in the book to discredit him. But remember that much of the stuff from the last administration which they throw his way should be levelled at Stephenson King who was the Prime Minister then, and as we know the buck stops with PM King, just as it stops with Kenny Anthony the PM in this current administration, and he knows it.

Clearly the people know it. However, conveniently, as Prime Minister Anthony continues to court King, he heaps all the blame on Allen Chastanet who was just one member of cabinet. So what about Richard Frederick and , Rufus Bousquet who were also members of Cabinet – yet not a word is said by Kenny as he continues to court those two as well.

But you know what we like? It is Allen’s reaction. He ignores Kenny big time and keeps focused on his journey, doing what he has set out to do for the good of this country, and that is get rid of Kenny Anthony so the country can breathe again.

Dear St Lucians, can you imagine if Allen Chastanet had done some of the “deals” that the PM was responsible for like Grynberg, Juffali, Rochamel, etc, he would be “crucified” and lambasted into a pulp.

Can you imagine, dear fellow St Lucians? But Kenny’s memory is very short when it comes to those deeds, and his tongue is very quiet in his mouth.

Our personal belief is that the country needs a younger person than Kenny Anthony in charge of things. He has been in power longer than he should have. He should not press his luck. He should just wake up and smell the coffee. After all, it was he himself who said he would step down after three years (yet another promise not kept). Kenny Anthony, Prime Minister of St Lucia, has nothing more to offer. We have already seen all that he has, and much of it has not been pretty at all.Furthermore, we know that one of the worst things the younger generation does not want to see is Ernest Hilare in government, because everybody knows he is Kenny’s clone and as conceited as Kenny, thinking he knows it all and can outsmart any and everyone else. We do not want or need someone like that. We have had enough of him.

We want someone we can look up to, someone we can admire. Someone with fresh ideas. Someone who can inspire us, even pleasantly surprise us. We believe in Chastanet to get us there. We can see how his hard work has already paid off both within his party and on the national scene with his protests and discussions which have forced Kenny’s hand and yielded results. We admire Chastanet’s quiet but strong demeanour, the way he is not distracted but easily remains focused, and does not sink into the gutters.

We cannot wait. We are anxious for Allen to come in. Kenny, you cannot really expect us to put you there again. Awa. The youth are giving Allen their vote. We need change. We must have it. We just cannot afford to keep doing the same thing again. We will get nowhere. That is insanity. Even the Venezuelans recognised that it was more than time for Kenny’s friend, Maduro to get out, the Kittitians put out his friend up there, Trinidad sent Kamla packing. So wha wrong widus?



  1. First your title -cannot wait
    Then your closing paragraph -Can wait
    Ms/Mr THING: You are more emotionally disturbed than Hamlet.
    -and I’m being generous!
    You-like Flambeau’s power hungry frenzy (think of the shark in the movie JAWS) are as impatient as a pubescent jamette in Bangkok Thailand (they do exist 🙁
    You show all the developing traits of a delusional demented Peter Judas Josie (Latoc has reserved a berth at Rockland Psychiatric Center , NY,- his lunacy is beyond their scope of treatment resources).
    Here is what needs to happen:
    The current cabinet are versed with the current problems and are pushing this oxen cart thru a muddy economic quagmire.
    Lets say we urge them on to bring this ship of state thru another term towards the firmer plains of economic traction.
    If the US gave Obama 2 consecutive terms to clean up the battered Bush economy
    why not Kenny-
    You prefer TRUMP style Reaganomics –
    to yoke a frugal 3rd world vertical economy -of peasants-if not borderline serfs!
    Garcon, you must be a scion of the Aristocrats.
    The Tudors ought to stay in their gated opulent enclaves
    and allow those who have the best interests of the DOWN TRODDEN -lead!

  2. Sons and daughters, the aridity of your piece is mind boggling to say the least, but I’ll give you one more chance as follows. I will mentiom just two matters. 1. You say that we need someone, Allen Chastanet, who has new ideas. I ask you to share with me and the population just one idea, only one, that Chastanet has to make Saint Lucia a better place. 2. You say that the infelicities and corruption of 2006-2011 are all the fault of the Prime Minister at the time, Stephenson King. Are you sincerely saying that Allen Chastanet, a top member of King’s Cabinet, should share no blame at all for corrupt Cabinet decisions, for example the Tuxedo Villas Scandal? Tell us “Sons and Daughters”. Thank you my friend for enlightening me.

  3. “If the US gave Obama 2 consecutive terms to clean up the battered Bush economy
    why not Kenny….”
    Kenny has been at the helm of State for 13 of the last 18 years (1997 to 2006; and again from 2011 to present) and St.Lucia, economically, is at the bottom of the OECS; yet, my good friend thinks Kenny deserve another 5 years to clean up things. Wow!!!!!!

  4. Winning Optimistic Ways (WOW)
    Cher Citizen Kane,
    Observe how I’ve converted your WOW into – the cup is half full optimism of our incumbent government:
    That’s my point!
    The incumbent government is entrenched to fight for economic traction – out of the skid row of this post GLOBAL economic meltdown.
    An upstart at the reigns of power-as in your House of Tudor aristocratic leader- is instinctually biased towards trickle down effects and super firm austerity measures that scaffold banks, money markets, and a plethora of investment return instruments..
    Is hat not the raison – why you a solid CPA, doth support Chaz?
    Chaz can drive only via the templates / ready made prescriptions designed by IMF, World Bank, etc.

  5. And it really: does not matter if he is a one term or not.
    The tempting shot of deep financial packages offered by IMF (as in World Central Bank network) have mandatory penalties /austerity measures that lock a nation to a dehumanizing socio-economic YOKE for too many years -way past past the exist/descent of the gov official who signed it’s acceptance.
    Yessiree the heirs/scions love such packages -all the way to the impact on their OFFSHORE accounts, n’est pas?
    Who cares a rat’s buttocks about the living hell fiscal policy implications for working stiffs.
    It’s the only game in this vertical post banana economy- for Chaz Junta LLC-
    They stand to make – a bounty; as St Lucia is stripped and shackled by IMF impositions.
    Kinda like the “Super Fly” pimp, Pee-tar Judas Hosee, utilizing an adult eel to –
    ritual rape a bound / gagged virgin jamette recuirt –
    into submission and preparation for the whoring trade!
    Shall we ass-sume the position for IMF/World Bank etc.
    -missionary or doggey-
    be advised that they frown upon the use of any lubricating gel or mutual foreplay 🙁

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