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Mary-Juliana-Brice2LIFE is all about changes, and so we should be totally aware of how to deal with all the change that occur in our lives. Unexpected changes do take place sometimes, and causes so much chaos in one’s life. That is why we should all be fully aware of what can possibly occur in life’s changes.

We can be in control of some changes, as in our life’s journey we all have ideas, and so we recognise what is necessary with whatever changes that we have to deal with, and so we become very active in making changes. If you think about it, you will see that every day and on every occasion, even with the weather, lots of changes take place.

In our homes, changes are our way of life. Our meals, our financial spending, re-organising our rooms, outfits, entertainment and everything that happens. In our work places too, changes take place as things are needed to get better, for competition with others needs much attention for the business to remain active and financially stable.

As people grow older, more changes take place, as life is all about moving on, and in so doing, changes are essential. Older people make changes in certain ways, but that is all about in their time. Younger people however, operate in a different way, especially when they have just been highly educated, and have encountered amazing experiences. Now everyone is different, no one is the same, and so we should be ready to see many, many different changes. Why then do people complain about appropriate changes that may sometimes occur, or they just object if they can clearly recognise a change that might be taking place, and they would not like it to happen? Nothing lasts forever, and so changes must take place. Some changes are clearly joyful, exciting, and can bring fantastic results. When these occur, they are clearly recognized, and such changes bring happiness to the families, communities and the entire nation.

Changes sometimes cause much pain and suffering in people’s lives. When people change their relationship with others, their husbands, wives, children and family members, these changes may sometimes be anticipated but with lots of disappointment, and some tragedy then takes place. There are some terrible aspects of changes which can be brutal, nasty, heartbreaking, and can cause terrible incidents, and so quite a few people suffer as a result of this occurrence. By recognizing these things, we should really open our minds and hearts in order to cope with whatever comes our way. Changes must come, and when we resist, something does happen anyway, resulting in lots of changes.

Now it is not only the changes that occur in our region that have an effect on us. Changes from all over the world do have an effect on us as well. We should therefore get ready in our lives, to cope with all the changes that may come our way. How else would we be able to enjoy our lives? Even when we suffer from some changes, we should try our very best to deal competently, instead of destroying our lives. Nothing ever remains the same, nothing at all. Sometimes people try to oppose certain changes in their lives, and they think they will be successful, when suddenly they fall sick, encounter an accident or die. When this happens, they can no longer be in that place. This is a change which we have positively no control over.

Life is absolutely about changes, so when we recognise or anticipate a change that we see might be coming, may we never despair or panic, but open our minds and hearts to accept what the Lord has ordained for us, for He never abandons us. Let us all be joyful in our lives even though we sometimes encounter difficulty, as nothing, nothing lasts forever.

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