Weight Loss Contest Ends Tomorrow


PEDI Gwés Sent Lisi – Bon Santé PouLavi, is a weight loss competition organized by the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations geared at assisting competitors to manage their weight by making lifestyle changes through proper eating habits and exercise ends tomorrow.

The competition began on August. 27, and brought together 90 competitors from nine health regions to participate in five core activities: two health and nutrition workshops, a walk/hike to Moule-a-Chique, a dance-a-thon at the CSA Centre, and an obstacle course held last Sunday.

Competitors were engaged in a 15-minute self defence session with Sensi Timothy Francis, 8th degree black belt, as a precursor to the grueling obstacle course.

The obstacle course, coordinated by Andrew Felix, Life Coach and Fitness Instructor at Fitness Freaks, saw participants jumping through and flipping over tyres, weight lifting, leaping over a steps, testing their endurance in rope exercises, and then sprinting to the finishing line.

The course was the final group activity in the competition.

The final weigh-in will take place tomorrow when participants will find out their total weight lost over the three-month long competition.

Organizers of the competition expressed satisfaction with the commitment of participants, their dedication to training and their commitment to meal plans. Some participants lost as much as 31 pounds.

The organizers also thanked fitness instructors Tennile Wolff of Zumba Fitness, Andrew Felix of Fitness Freaks and Sensi Timothy Francis, who worked tirelessly with the participants throughout the competition free of charge.

The Pedi Gwes Competition is the brain child of Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Alvina Reynolds.

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