PAHO Official Discusses Hospital

REPRESENTATIVES from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) met with Ministry of Health officials to discuss transitioning to the Owen King EU Hospital.

PAHO’s Advisor on Human Resources for Health, Dr. Erica Wheeler, said the organization will assist Saint Lucia in implementing new commissioning structures.

“I understand there are two new hospitals to be commissioned. So we are looking at [the hospitals’] human resources [as it relates to] health. For example, how is it going to be staffed, will there be sufficient staff, how is the staff in relation to other services in the community.”

Dr. Peter Cowley, PAHO Health Systems Strengthening Advisor, said Saint Lucia is one of several Caribbean countries with the capacity to offer specialized health care services.

“The new national hospital or other medical facilities [in Saint Lucia] could offer specialized care not only to its own citizens but also to those from neighbouring countries. When you provide these regional specialized centres of care, and you have agreements with sister governments, you are in effect providing more services for more people at lesser financial cost. It also serves to increase universal health coverage and universal access.”

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