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Annou pale – Domestic Violence – cont’d

THE VOICE introduces a brand new column ANNOU PALE aimed at stimulating dialogue on some of the most pressing problems facing our country at this time.
We plan that this conversation will continue for some time throwing up ideas and solutions to the problems that have been identified and selected for discussion. You, the reader, have the opportunity to join the debate which in fact, has already started.
The issue of domestic violence continues to be with us 40 years after the first big case that shocked the nation: the brutal slaying of a mother by her lover at Forestiere.

Since then there have been cases of domestic violence too numerous to mention in which mainly women have been the victims. Several of them have been murdered and many more maimed. Still incidents continue, shocking the nation each time. But solutions continue to be elusive.
The recent killing of a four year old boy in Dennery in his home took domestic violence in St Lucia to a whole new level, focussing on the ill-treatment of children in the home and on the issue of corporal punishment.

What can we do to curb domestic violence? Are the mere passing of laws enough? Where are the organizations that ought to be advocating for women and children in our society? Why is domestic violence so prevalent in our society, anyway?
Tell us.

For some reason I just can’t believe little things like mouth talk turns out violent. Why should we destroy our own? When we need to protect them? Why would I want to cut my friend’s hand if he gets me upset? Why would I hit my two year old so hard that she died? Why would I kick my autistic child when it wasn’t his or her fault? Many questions to ask.

Yes Tricky. many questions but it’s up to us to research and answer them ourselves. Frustration is one of the key words in domestic violence. It’s like a little voice in the brain that makes us feel like we are doing something right. I was watching a documentary, “Locked up for murder”. This serial killer…who raped and murdered his victims thought it was right. In his mind he thought he was doing something right. That voice in his head made him believe that what he was doing was right. Can you believe this? A murderer saying a voice in his head made him do it? Yes, it sounds like a five year old saying “my Barbie made me do it.” But he wasn’t a mental case…serving life behind bars. Now realizing what he did was wrong, he asked some of the victims family for forgiveness.Would you forgive someone who took something precious from you? Would you sit and listen to a victim of domestic violence share their story? Would you help someone who is the victim or the abuser? What I’m trying to say is that it’s not only the victims who need help..the abuser needs help also. They need to know what they are doing is wrong.

I think I understand what Michelle is trying to say; it’s true we need to help both parties.
But how can we? How would we know unless something crazy happens? I would be terrified to stand in front of a man or woman just to tell them about their type of violence. Does the government have trained officers to deal with these situations, or are you a trained domestic violence officer? Or is that even an occupation? If we start this in the schools and at home domestic violence will chill out in little St. Lucia.

Zafew Mon
Chill out where. Just today this guy on the bus wanted to stab another one because his seat wasn’t comfortable. People hate others disrespecting them. St. Lucians are damn sensitive..wahh… the most sensitive set of fools are Lucians. But let’s face the fact that a lil screw face brings out a devil. We need more prayers here in St.Lucia. That’s all I have to say for now, till later.

Just here looking
The TRICKY guy, I liked his comment. He said what I was going to say last week. Nothing more to add. Oh, it’s time for a topic about those places in St. Lucia that need fixing. Government not doing anything for Lucia, Whole bunch of fake plastic surgery mouths…time to ask what’s being done In your community.

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  1. Like the old biblical saying goes, those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. Many of us say we pray for betterment for the country but what changes are we willing to accept in order for this to happen. If you make a statement and one disagrees, they seldom say they disagree, give the reasons why and offer a counter solution to the point or topic to which they disagree. The first defense, it is my right. No one every strip you of your rights so there is no need to talk about that unless you lack knowledge of the subject matter. St Lucia was once beautiful because we lived, believed and practices the biblical teachings. Plain and simple. Now that we are becoming non believers of this teachings we are paying the price of that sinful lifestyle.

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