‘Clendon Mason’ Has Kweyol Programme

Dhalpuri, roti and goolagoola were among the crowd’s favourites.(Photo by Stan Bishop)

THE Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School (CMMSS) is happy to report that Kweyol is alive and well, in the community of Dennery.

This year the school will be hosting the CMMSS Kweyol Expo on Wednesday October 28 from 12:00 p.m featuring kweyol food tasting, kweyol demonstrations including broom and mat making, and kweyol drumming and dance.

A kaboowah and bamboo competition will also take place and students and patrons will have the opportunity to make their own Kweyol foods including cassava and pemme and experience kweyol entertainment by teachers and students including a kweyol fashion show, traditional dance and storytelling.

On Friday October 30, from 9:30 a.m, eleven contestants, four male and seven female, will grace the stage to be named CMMSS Wen epi Wa Kweyol 2015. The contestants are: Aiden Vincent, Luthan Felix, Terry Antoine, Nick Bisparte, Chrislen Joseph, Lenora Albertin, Benatra Edward, Sandrine Lewis, Dianisia George, MaliciaMaliarcy and Beneter Joseph

The Chairperson of the Clendon Mason Cultural Committee, Mr. Ramel Polius, hopes that the contestants can live up to the exceptional standard set by previous contestants and is confident that with the support of parents, teachers, chaperones and corporate St. Lucia, this mandate will be achieved.

Said Polius: “This year many students were eager to be part of the show as either participants, performers or in production, with the show being produced entirely by the Theatre Arts department of the school. This bodes well for the future of Clendon Mason and the country at large when we have so many young people interested in experiencing Saint Lucia’s culture”.

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