Stadium A Death Trap Say St. Jude Hospital Workers

By Kingsley Emmanuel

A death trap. That’s how the staff of the St. Jude hospital have described the physical structure of the health institution due its deplorable condition.

And the Board of Directors of the hospital, who are well aware of the gravity of the situation, wants the staff and public in general to have some patience because relief is on the way.

Image of the relocated St. Jude Hospital at the George Odlum Stadium.
The George Odlum Stadium

The hospital, which was originally located at Augier, Vieux Fort, was relocated at the George Odlum Stadium at Beane Field, Vieux Fort, after it was destroyed by fire in 2009. Since its relocation there, its physical structure has deteriorated at a rapid rate.

Over the past few years, pieces of metal have been constantly falling from the top of the hospital, exposing its staff to much danger. On any given day, pieces of metal can be seen hanging loosely on the upper part of the building, swaying as the wind blows.

“We are just lucky that one of us has not been seriously injured or killed, as a result of pieces of metal falling on our heads,” a hospital employee told The VOICE.

Recently, certain sections of the hospital have been cordoned off for the safety of the public.

Commenting on the situation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the hospital, Percival Mc. Donald said: “By the end of the year the major departments of the hospital such as Surgery, Emergency, General Administration and Paediatric will be relocated to the new hospital at Augier and the other departments will be relocated later…”

He added that provisions for such a transition have already been made with the property management reconstruction team of the hospital.

According to Mc. Donald, the maintenance staff of the hospital have done some work on the roof of the stadium/hospital to reduce the level of risk the public is exposed to. He added that they have done a good job in maintaining the hospital despite constraints.

“Major work needs to be done at the top of the hospital,” he said.

Mc. Donald said of the few other options that were available, the stadium was the most appropriate building to house the hospital after the fire.

Just last month, a piece of metal was detached from the roof of the hospital and fell on the pitch during a sporting event.

St. Lucia is expected to host the 2017 Commonwealth Youth games at the George Odlum Stadium.

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  1. Did you say St.Lucia is to host the 2017 Commonwealth youth games ? you can forget about it.
    From what you’ve said there, the place will not be made any safer by that time. If the St. Jude’s Hospital have not been made ready after all these years, and there’s no indication it will be ready before 2017. At the rate the St.Lucian Government conducts business and the rate at which Building Contractors perform, I have absolutely no hope in anything being done in two years. Bro George must be turning and twisting in his grave. Better days ahead???

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