Spartan Students Told Of Yoga’s Benefits

Image: The Yoga session at Spartan.
The Yoga session at Spartan.

STUDENTS and faculty staff of Spartan Health Science University School of Medicine have been urged to practise yoga because of its immense benefits.

This advice came from the presenters of an event at the school last Friday to observe “International Yoga Day”.

The event generated much interest among the students, who were taught some of the techniques in yoga.

International Yoga Day is observed on June 21 every year. Yoga is all about harmonizing the body with the mind and breath through the means of various breathing techniques, yoga postures and meditation. Its elements are poses, breathing, meditation and cleaning processes.

“The main objective of this event is to create health awareness at both the school and the community as a whole. It is important that the students and faculty staff know the importance of Yoga, which brings together the body and mind with the spirit…”Dr.Ravindrasigh Rajput, a faculty staff and one of the presenters said.

According to Rajput, the ten main benefits of yoga are: weight loss, stress relief, all-round fitness, inner peace, improved immunity, living with greater awareness, better relationships, increased energy, better flexibility and posture and better intuition.

He said that a survey conducted by the Washinghton State University has proved that yoga has immense benefits, which included pain relief and a reduction in hypertension, among many others.

“Many ailments start in the mind… The mind affects the body and the body affects the mind,” he told the students.

During the practical session, Dr.Boopathi explained the process of yoga, while Dr.Amruta Rajput explained the process of meditation and how it could help in self healing and relieve stress.

Dean of the university, Dr.Gurumurthy, who described yoga techniques as simple, said he has reaped the benefits of yoga and urged the students to practice it. He added that as students it will help them in their studies.

“It has enabled me to get more work done…and improve my concentration,” he said.

Dr.Gurumurthy added that the benefits of yoga are not realized very quickly, but this should not serve as a deterrent.

Dr.Swamy, a psychiatrist by profession, also underscored the importance of yoga, adding that it has less side effects than medication.

After the session, the students said they used muscles they had not used for a long time. They described the session as educational, enlightening and entertaining.

“I enjoyed the session. I learnt a lot from it, and as a result will always practise yoga,” a student said.

By Kingsley Emmanuel

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