Mary Isaac’s Departure Draws Relief From CSA Members

CIVIL Service Association (CSA) members opposed to Mary Isaac say that they feel vindicated because information reaching them indicate that she has tendered her resignation, to take effect Monday.

The members who had formed themselves into a group called ‘Save Our Union (CSA) Team’ said that a petition, claimed to have been signed by over 500 members calling for the removal of the entire Executive Council, and which was handed to Isaac as acting general secretary earlier this month, was justified.

They claimed that information reaching them indicate that Isaac and the treasurer had tendered their resignations.

Isaac earlier this week had indicated her desire to resign from the trade union, however she did not proffer a reason for her decision. Reports are that she will be focusing her attention on the Castries South Constituency as the prospective candidate for the United Workers Party come the next general elections.

Her departure will end five years of occupancy at the trade union in which she was twice elected as its president.

But though rejoicing at her departure, the Save Our Union Team said that the resignations have placed the CSA in a position where it is now facing a constitutional crisis.

“To date, four of its elected executive members have resigned. This situation leaves the organization with an Executive Committee which is toothless, without a quorum, therefore unable to take any meaningful decision! Another resignation simply makes a bad situation worse!” the group declared in a statement.

The group is calling on the remaining elected officers to resign immediately saying it is the noble thing to do.
“If they care for this noble workers’ organization, they must do the right thing and accede to the demands of the membership. Stop the bleeding and the destruction,” members said.

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  1. Mary Isaac you probably think you have scored high marks in the eyes of the public by tendering your resignation from the CSA. In my humble opinion this is the betrayal of the century. You gained the confidence of the humble workers took them halfway up the hill and what once there you abandon ship to pursue some political dream in the ranks of the ignoble UWP.

    If its the people of St lucia you wanted to help you could have done very well representing civil servants. In your vanity you could not see that. All what you could visualize is you walking the corridors of parliament. Well i got news for you: you have done nothing to deserve that. What did you win for civil servants during your reign at the top? So there is nothing for you to stand on as a foundation from which you spring to the future politically. At best I would describe you as half cooked and as such all you bring is la-g-git.

  2. “Bloody Mary” is a very negative example for REAL true women. Ambition like fire -is a good servant but a terrible master. Mary espouses getting ahead by any means. Would you teach your daughter to engage in the world’s oldest profession?
    There is no place in our enlightened renaissance for a revengeful witch hunting Bloody Mary.
    Far more than a continent an island needs a Gestalt of synergy.
    God gave us Human resources and the natural bounty around us, We men women and children Must row with a national purpose -altogether; now more than ever.
    Self serving me myself and I attitudes and actions will not be tolerated, henceforth. This young youthful nation needs heroic guidance , firm but fair discipline, and clear positive purposeful objectives.
    A return to God is a most powerful path -if not the only route- to REDEMPTION and peace.

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    1. This Jazebel spirit explains the difficulties encountered by the Hon. Chester Hinkson as he attempted to reason with this decrepit soul Mary Isaac. He must have been unaware that she does not converse with anyone except to attain her selfish ends, so she has proven to be a medium through which Beelzebub Allen Chastanet speaks his lies. The CSA was used by her to lay at the feet of her white King – here she sings to get laid by Chastanet’s touch where her hairdo will become blond:



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