Local Designers To Show Off In Jamaica

Fiona Compton
Fiona Compton

TWO of St. Lucia’s most promising young designers will be showcasing their pieces at the upcoming Pulse Caribbean Fashion Week, scheduled to be held in Jamaica from June 11 to 15.

Hot off their success from Hot Couture, the two designers are eager to show the rest of the region their talents and introduce them to St. Lucian Fashion.

Taribba do Nascimento will be showcasing her new Masquerade Collection, which is inspired by our local Masquerade culture. The bags mimic the movement and vibrancy of the masquerade characters, mixed with added touches that make meme bete… bags so special.

Jaeylu Designs will be outfitting the meme bete… models with her awe inspiring Creole Collection, while new to the scene Jewellery Designers Jack and Zayed of Island Seeds will be providing the jewellery.

“This line is very dear to me as it is such a strong collaboration of different people, which truly represents the unity that meme bete… bags strives to achieve”, says do Nascimento.

Taribba De Nascimento
Taribba De Nascimento

Fiona Compton of Paradise Prints will be showing her new Iyanola Collection that features the historical petroglyphs of the Taino People. Included in her Iyanola Collection is her new bridal wear.

Both designers have been sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries.

“We are very grateful to the Ministry of Creative Industries for giving us the opportunity to grow and showcase our brands regionally. We hope to do St. Lucia proud”, says Compton.

Added to the contingent are James Adjodha and Jesse Evans of Wavemaker Photography. The young photographers have been sponsored by Digicel St. Lucia to accompany Compton and do Nascimento on their journey to Caribbean Fashion Week.

“We are so excited to be part of this venture,” says Adjodha. “It not only gives us the opportunity to expand our reach, but it also allows us to document and share the experience with St. Lucians through our photography. We can only hope that this will inspire other young people to work together to make their dreams come true”.

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