It’s Mary Isaac For UWP In S. Castries

Mary Isaac. [Photo: Stan Bishop]
Mary Isaac. [Photo: Stan Bishop]

THE opposition United Workers Party appears to be moving to fill its candidates slate for the next general elections following the acceptance by constituency groups of two candidates this week. However, signs of disunity are still apparent in the party.

Mary Isaac, the controversial former president of the Civil Service Association will be the Castries South candidate for the party after a run-off with Lorenzo “Doddy” Francis, who unsuccessfully attempted to win the seat for the UWP in the last elections. Reports are that Isaac won the run off by a huge margin Thursday night.

The seat is currently being held by Dr. Robert Lewis, Minister for Education.

Isaac’s emergence as the party’s candidate for that constituency appeared to have been a foregone conclusion based on talk inside and outside the party that continued up to the very last minute when the votes were counted.

Her victory comes just about a year after she vehemently denied having met with the hierarchy of the UWP in secret talks to carve out an understanding between the trade union which she represented as president at the time, and the UWP.

Weeks later she accepted a senatorial position with the party and now sits in the Upper House.

Francis, surprisingly, did not attend the run off. He was, however, at a public meeting called by Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute in Gros Islet that very night, a meeting that was attended and addressed by former party leader Stephenson King, Leader of the Opposition Gail Rigobert, defeatedAnse la Raye/Canaries representative Keith Mondesir and Montoute himself.

Meanwhile Allen Chastanet, the party’s political leader, this week was chosen by the Micoud South constituency group to represent the party in that constituency. The seat is currently being held by Arsene James, former Minister for Education

This development comes months after both men denied that there was any agreement between them for James to give up the seat in favour of Chastanet.


  1. “When the deed is done,
    when the work of darkness is perfect,
    then the world of darkness passes away like a pageantry in the clouds:
    the knocking at the gate is heard;
    and it makes known audibly that the reaction has commenced:
    the human has made its reflux upon the fiendish;
    the pulses of life are beginning to beat again;
    and the re-establishment of the goings-on of the world in which we live,
    first makes us profoundly sensible of the awful parenthesis that had suspended them.” Thomas De Quincey.

  2. Act 2
    (LADY MACBETH – Infirm of purpose! Give me the daggers:
    the sleeping and the dead Are but as pictures:
    ’tis the eye of childhood That fears a painted devil. If he do bleed, I’ll gild the faces of the grooms withal;
    For it must seem their guilt.)
    Following much goading and wifely enticements (from Sin-a-tor-rent MARY)
    Macbeth plays out her ambitions at the tip of brutal daggers (recall Brutus et tu )
    Lady Macbeth for Castries south and Caesar’s BRUTUS for Micoud South
    Lookout, the zombies of Choc are stirring~

  3. As a military officer, her role is reflected in the first half of the following clip which serves as a vignette into the skills of the infamous Tokyo Rose . A near perfect match for the role of Sinator Mary as she has proved her ability at undermining the greater good in her avarice towards power positions.

  4. The postings by the above “Three Stooges”, makes one wonder: What are they motives? Why are they always attempting to dictate thoughts and opinions? Let the voters decide Mary Isaac fate…

  5. Oh boy in la la land/
    First, are you referring to the masses of mis educated voters who swear allegiance to the colors of the rainbow rather than reasonable vetting of candidates who can serve the best interests of voters.
    The iconic John Compton implied that if you dressed Daffy Duck in Yellow , said cartoon character would be elected in Micoud.
    The legacy of most voters follows their own family patterns to a T. If they were born in a household that was green, blue, orange then they will spend their entire lives pulling the lever for that party-oblivious of the changing times, personalities, .
    In other words NO REALITY CHECKING.
    That is why demented buffoons can rise to political power as they harp on the social emotional strings of a hapless electorate.
    It’s a new world that does not wait for nations to wean off their training wheels.
    the grueling mountain bike challenges of this global village are mostly uphill for young nations.
    St. Lucia needs real professionals with a sense of purpose who can deliver the goods for her best interests.
    The current team of ministers seem focused and dedicated to a job well done-amidst the fiery debacle of a global economic meltdown and a large percentage of the populace ill prepared or equipped to cope with the rapid vortex of economic turmoil.
    Therefore, it will not be the same pappi-show la-bou fest in supporting candidates.
    You wanna replace a rep doing a decent job then you had better nominate a replacement who is battle tested to do a finer job-up a notch.
    Conniving schemers, double talkers, Animal Farm talking pigs and their canine storm troopers are as glaring as the vanity halogen fog lamps on sports cars –
    yet we the masses tend to ignore their SELF SERVING inequities because they are color coded in the correct friend or foe colors.
    This lunacy of your la la land charade is challenged herewith.
    My Gulfstream medivac is ready to evacuate delusional / catatonic souls off island to receive the proper care they deserve forthwith.
    Finally your ILL-literacy shows in your use of the wrong genre to attempt a ridicule:
    The 3 stooges belong in slapstick vaudeville as in comedic circus
    Satire is far more intricate as it addresses serious issues, like the olive in a perfect martini, or the salt and lime nuances in a cuervo gold /cointreau Margarita.
    St. Lucia like fine spirits deserves TOP SHELF caliber for political representation-

  6. Is this a dagger which I see before me the handle toward (your) hand ………go ahead, you clutch it, you schizophrenic actor…..when she is through with her adversaries…….god help them. Not all the “perfumes of Arabia could wash the smell off”, don’t mess with that girl.

  7. The paper tigers Messr. CKane-Ciceo et al/
    Holy Hades Inferno you discredit the great Cicero, who traveled over north Africa to explore raison d’etre.
    Ole boy, you are better off using the nom de plume SISSEROU the proud national parrot of our sister island nation
    Armchair neo Ziggy Freud wannabe, too. Poor Jab, don’t you know psychiatry is a calling. It is not a job like counting beans.
    Here is your fohpah with the use of theater (actor) and Psychology (schizoid personality) in the same stanza:
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    Duality has been a stubborn philosophical tenet for eons. THE MIND/ BODY SPLIT PUZZLES MILLIONS TO THIS DAY.
    One has to assume schizoid traits in order to embrace faith in the mother of all holy schizoid tenets – the TRINITY, n’est pas.
    Let’s take a rough overview of how the schizoid split of faith has played out in the denominational splitting of the TRINITY.
    If you worship in the High Mass premier denominations (e.g., Anglican, Methodist , RC) your prayers and supplications are dominated by the Father. If you are Pentecostal, the Holy Ghost and if Church of God etc –the Son
    Therefore, schizoid traits are far more common –even in you. The problem, which is way beyond your edu background is PATHOLOGY.
    You ought to be careful with your anger management and its typical knee jerk reaction to spit out insults or attempts to ridicule.
    Here is a short quiz:
    A client who has been classified under MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES over a decade commits a class A Felony. Compared to Hannibal (Silence of the Lambs) which of the two defendants has a better chance of having severe charges dropped or their “illness” accommodated.
    Technically, Hannibal has an extreme FETISH (not unlike some of you guys who are titillated by leather and lace/ankles/ paddles etc. With Hannibal his fetish is governed by an ID steeped in socio-pathic NUMBNESS.. He will be punished more severely.
    That is why Rockland County intake awaits Peetar and gal friend Maid Marian
    Your attempt at sounding off like a Bajuhn or Conway wharf rat is so primitive it makes a lean to seem like a penthouse suite. To chase da Fly (what a movie) from the sore –honey not vinegar- is effective;
    Nonetheless, I thank you for disregarding the deeper Shakespearean symbolism and exposing the naked pathology of the trade unionist’s Multiple personalities ( conniving trade unionist- scheming Sinator- opportunistic candidate Castries South: .
    Thanks for You labeling her as MEAN SPIRITED and REVENGEFUL-
    Thanks for painting Van Gogh like what we already deduce.
    If the age of the anti Christ has established in the denominational pews and pulpits why be surprised if our once beloved Castries is in its sway

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