Drugs Suppliers Scrutiny

THE performance of suppliers of medicines and pharmaceuticals is one of the major talking points for the 24th committee meeting of the OECS Commission’s Pharmaceutical Procurement Service (OECS PPS) taking place here.

The meeting, which commenced yesterday, will also feature a session of the OECS PPS’ Technical Advisory Committee, which will review the PPS’s Regional Formulary Manual thereby considering the list of medicines for future procurement.

The management of hypertension is a special focus area this year, in keeping with the U.S Centers for Disease Control’s Global Standardized Hypertensive Project. The idea is to enhance the level of treatment such as adherence to the universal method of monitoring of the condition.

During the first four days of the meeting, the OECS PPS’ Tenders Sub-Committee will rate the performance of suppliers in the areas of service delivery and quality standards. Once the suppliers are rated, the meeting will move into the next phase of evaluating bids from suppliers, for the upcoming cycle: September 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017.

Suppliers have offered bids for approximately 840 medical products.

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