Documents Required For Power Connections

LUCELEC said yesterday that effective immediately, anyone applying for a new electricity connection, including temporary connections from its service must provide a copy of a current land register for the location at which the connection is required.

LUCELEC said this document is in addition to the existing requirements of an Inspection Certificate from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport as well as a valid national identification document (ID).

The land register is necessary to confirm that the applicant seeking the electricity connection owns the property or has permission from the landlord or property owner. The copy of the land register is valid for one day so applicants are urged to obtain the Register on the date of application. The land register is obtained from the Land Registry in the Ministry of Physical Development, Housing and Urban Renewal.

Prior to this policy change, LUCELEC made new connections based on the name on the inspection certificate only. But it said this had become increasingly challenging as the Ministry of Infrastructure who provides that record, does not verify land ownership, before placing a name on the inspection certificate.

Use of the Land Register ensures the company connects electricity only on property where the requesting individual has permission to do so, LUCELEC said.

For homeowners who live on Crown Lands, an authorization letter from the Commissioner of Crown Lands granting permission for the electricity connection is required in lieu of a copy of the Land Register. Similarly, homeowners on property belonging to the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDC) and National Development Corporation (NDC) or Invest St Lucia must provide LUCELEC with written permission from these bodies for the electricity connection.

The copy of the land register is required for both domestic and commercial connections.

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