More Police Changes Coming?

Talk of Reshuffle Among Top Officers

WILL there be another reshuffle within the hierarchy of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force following last month’s IMPACS Statement by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony?

A rearrangement of sorts among the top brass took place just around that time when Police Commissioner, Vernon Francois was told to continue his leave. His deputy, Errol Alexander was appointed acting Commissioner with Assistant Commissioner in charge of crime, Frances Henry acting as deputy commissioner.

There is new speculation of another reshuffling of the hierarchy and our usual reliable.

Sources say that this will take very soon.

It is being rumoured that Henry, who is holding on as acting deputy Commissioner, will return to her substantive position as Assistant Commissioner in charge of crime

Prime Minister Kenny Anthony last month in a nation-wide address dealing with the IMPACS Report did speak of personnel adjustments within the police department “as we seek to effectively manage this transition and ensure optimal functioning of the police force,” he said.

Since the Prime Minister’s address there has been talk of low morale within the police force with the President of the Police Welfare Association Cameron Laure confirming this by claiming that “now, more than ever”, members of the force needed to be more united.

However that unity was not manifested strongly on Tuesday at the Association’s Annual General Meeting at the Police auditorium.

Previously scheduled for last February the meeting, at which a large turnout was expected, fell short of the anticipated numbers. With just about 60 members out of a membership of 1000 turning up at the scheduled time, a call was made to hold an ordinary meeting instead of the AGM. Two motions were then approved, one calling for the deferment of the election of officers for another time and the other calling for a change in the process of electing persons to the boards of the various branches of the Police Force.

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