Canada Approves IAUCOM

THE Government of Canada has approved the International American University College of Medicine (IAUCOM) and the college has now been listed under the CanLearnTM Master Designated List (MDL).

This gives a huge opportunity to Canadian students to avail loans while enrolling for their courses at IAU. This will allow students from Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador Ontario, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Islands, Saskatchewan and Yukon to apply for loans under the Canada Student Loan Programme and to carry out their studies at the college.

IAU is also in the process of getting approval for the provinces of British Columbia and Manitoba.

Students from Quebec can make use of the Student Line of Credit Programme that is provided by various Canadian banks and financial institutions if they are looking forward to join the medical courses at IAU.

Also, IAU has now been accepted by the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) for the Canadian Student Loan Programme which offers a number of options such as loans, grants, bursaries, and any other form of financial help for studies at IAUCOM. With this approval, residents of Ontario have a wide range of financial aid options which they can make use of while applying for their courses at IAUCOM. Please visit for more information on OSAP.

Additionally, IAU has announced the launch of their new clinical campus in the Greater Baltimore, Maryland region and the health facilities participating in this are:

– Northwest Hospital which offers students core clerkships in General Surgery and Internal Medicine. Students are also given the option to choose medicine and surgery electives.

– Willoughby Beach Pediatrics – This institution works in collaboration with the University of Maryland (School of Medicine) and provides core clerkship in Paediatrics and selected Paediatrics electives.

– MedStar Union Memorial Hospital – Core clerkship in the in-patient portions of the Family Medicine.

In all, IAU said it is proud to offer financial aid options to their Canadian students which are easily available in their province of residence now and also encourages Canadian citizens and permanent residents (PR card holders) to make use of the Canada Student Loan Programme to pursue their education at IAU College.

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