SOL Launches New High Mileage Lubricants


SAINT LUCIANS who own motor vehicles that have reached and surpassed 100,000km were yesterday provided with an opportunity to extend the life of their vehicle engines and slow down its aging process.

SOL, one of two oil companies that retail oil products locally, introduced three new Shell Helix high mileage motor vehicle lubricants on the market, all of which are said to be specially formulated to do wonderful things to aging engines.

Shell Helix HX7, HX5 and HX3 are all engine oils formulated with a special additive package to help recondition worn engine seals and reduce oil leakage and consumption.

Michael Merritt, the SOL group’s lubricant technical advisor, fell short of calling the new lubricants on the market miracle products. However, he noted that engines “are born again” if those lubricants are used.

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“Our products are able to clean engines better than our competitors. The lubricants are specially formulated with additional friction fighting additives, are blended to improve combustion chamber sealing and contain special seal conditioning additives,” Merritt said at yesterday’s launch at the Bay Gardens Hotel.

He added that the lubricants meet performance requirements and viscosity grade recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and are not the same as regular oils.

Deborah Edward, SOL’s Sales and Marketing Manager, noted that the new products if used by Saint Lucian drivers will help them avoid spending unnecessary money on engine repair.

“All three lubricants contain anti-wear agents that help reduce engine wear and prolong engine life; cleansing technology to stop harmful deposits from forming, and improve combustion chamber sealing for compression,” she noted.

An engine is said to be high mileage when it has travelled more than 100,000km.

The HX7 is said to not only slow done the aging process of engines because of its extra anti-wear agents that help reduce wear and oil consumption, but also contains seal-conditioning additives, which help to rejuvenate shrunken engine seals to reduce internal and external oil leakage.

It is said to be formulated with cleaning agent technology that helps to stop dirt and sludge building up, hereby protecting and prolonging the life of an engine. It is also said to be oxidation-resistant, which helps to resist oil degradation throughout the recommended oil-drain interval, therefore helping to keep oil fresh longer. The multi-grade viscosity which it has is for easier cold starting compared with mono-grade oils and faster oil flow to critical engine parts.

The HX5 which is formulated for extended engine life contains the anti-wear agents that help to reduce wear and oil consumption. It also contains all the technology that is in the HX7.

The HX3 is for high mileage vehicles. It is a thicker oil that contains extra anti-wear agents and comprises cleansing agent technology, oxidation resistance and multi-grade viscosity.

Shell Helix motor oils are distributed in Saint Lucia by SOL EC Ltd. SOL uses that Shell brand under license across its regional Shell Service Station network and is the sole distributor of Shell’s fuels and lubricants. Sol operates in 23 countries in the Caribbean.

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  1. “SOL, one of two oil companies that retail oil products locally….”
    SOL, one of the two culprits that has St.Lucians paying some of the highest gas prices in the region.
    SOL, why don’t you tell St.Lucians why your gasoline is so darn expensive vis a vis St.Kitts, Dominica, etc.?

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