Piton Independence Concert


ON Monday February 23, the Pigeon Island Causeway will be transformed for the first ever Piton Independence Concert.

In what can be dubbed an authentic taste of Saint Lucian heritage and flavour, Piton Beer will celebrate Saint Lucia’s 36th Independence anniversary with an event highlighting all aspects of Saint Lucian life.

In keeping with Piton Beer’s mission since it burst on the market in 1992, the event was conceptualized to arouse a sense of patriotism and national pride in what is truly Saint Lucian.

Patrons will be treated to and wowed by a typical Saint Lucian village atmosphere with re-creations of a home kitchen, the well-known kabawe, a market place and other scenes easily identified as strictly Saint Lucian.

Said Brand Manager, Rohan Lovence: “The concept came about to give persons a product that they could identify with; something that could be called Saint Lucian.” He also noted that the local beer had been standing strong for so many years that “this is something we really needed to do. Piton is truly Saint Lucian; our Independence is all about being Saint Lucian and this is something that we really wanted to highlight.”

The concert will throw the spotlight on some of the best and well-known local performers mixed in with upcoming artistes including Teddyson John, Mongstar, Invader, Ken Hardy, Naomi Grandison, Ashanti Herb Black, Soca Bandit, Surbance, Mighty, Secret Band, African Roots, Kiedel Sonny and Dry-Bonz.

The creative designs from Jaeylu will be infused during main stage performances along with the dynamic combination of the reigning Power Soca Monarch Ezra ‘The Fun Machine’ St Juste.

The Piton Independence Concert is expected to attract thousands of Saint Lucians to the iconic Pigeon Island Causeway to be a part of this one of a kind event, never experienced before in Saint Lucia. Patrons can also expect exciting, additional features to be added in the days leading up to the concert.

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