Physical Planning Hopes For Better Service

The Ministry of Physical Development, Housing, and Urban Renewal has undertaken a review of its operations with the intention of enhancing productivity, boost employee morale and improve the services provided to the public and the ministry’s stakeholders.

Permanent Secretary Joanna Raynold-Arthurton said the plan focussed on several key outcomes.

She explained: “We hope that the new approach will result in improvements in our attitudes to our work, service delivery, and our approach to our clients. We hope it instils a greater commitment to excellence, leaving mediocrity behind; a greater commitment and effort to integration of our work programmes and our procedures, and the establishment of a strong, clear and appropriate legal platform which is the basis of all our operations.”

The plan will also implement measures that will contribute to staff morale and mobilisation.

Minister for Physical Development, Housing and Urban Renewal Stanley Felix said the strategic framework is only the first phase of revitalisation.

“In this approach towards change and improvement, we must individually examine our attitudes towards our personal development, our approach to service, and our regard towards the institution to which we currently are assigned,” he said.

The ministry unveiled its plan last Thursday, during a ceremony at the Public Service Training Institute at Union.

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