Not A Single Homicide In January

POLICE Commissioner Vernon Francois
POLICE Commissioner Vernon Francois

It is something of a record….at least for the last 15 years. For the first tine since 2000 St Lucia recorded not a single homicide in the month of January.

Commissioner of Police Mr. Vernon Francois describes this achievement as a small victory for the entire island and credits the victory to the citizenry.

In contrast, St Lucia recorded six homicides in the first month of 2014.

Francois says the January 2015 achievement proved to all that it was possible for citizens to rally together with the police and other partners in the society, to achieve a peaceful and law abiding nation.

“Obviously we are very happy to register zero homicides last month. This is in keeping with declining trends as we have reported earlier. I have always emphasized that losing one life is one too many. Generally we are about working to achieve zero violence. As officers of the law we have done some work to help push back against crime and to sensitize the public that killings and hurting each other to settle conflicts is not the way to go. In this vein we recognize other agencies, the Church, the Social Transformation officers and other youth and community workers and importantly the education system who partner with us, and strengthen this message.”
François said the Police continues to push back against gang violence and the scourge of drug trafficking which are often linked to incidents of homicides.

“If is for us to continue to challenge ourselves to cherish the value of life. I would like to particularly challenge our young men to turn away from acts of violence and to try to direct their energies positively”.

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