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Take Heed Of Local Terror

Rochelle Gonzales
Rochelle Gonzales

AS St. Lucians join the rest of the world to pay respects to tragic events that unfolded in Paris last week, are we failing to realise that whilst our troubles are nowhere near as bad as the said country, we are still living under the threat of local terrorists who have reduced the majority of us into fearful recluses?

Who are those terrorists? Nope, not the Muslims…true Muslims in fact don’t commit or condone such acts so I’m not even worried there. I’m referring to those dastardly fiends who continue to rape, rob and murder on a daily basis all around the island.

So basically, it has reached a stage where people need to live with curfews if they want to stay alive or keep hold of their dignity and belongings, right?

What has this tiny teardrop of an island come to when the times have become so dangerous that people can no longer feel safe in their own houses far less for the streets at any given time?

Gone are the days when these acts were common in dark isolated areas…these days, they take place wherever and whenever, like on a well-lit suburban street in Carellie on Sunday night where a young woman was nearly raped on her way home from work. This woman was bitten, roughed up, robbed and was nearly dragged into the nearby bushes.

The robberies and violence are seemingly nonstop and the perpetrators are so brazen these days and they are merciless. Call me naïve or even blind but I truly cannot bring myself to understand how and why these people are so…evil.

The island is being held hostage only in this instance, there is no ransom or clear cut solution to end the siege within a few hours or days.

I’m not even going to sing my boring old song asking the relevant parties to stamp their feet down and work harder to shrink this burden that’s breaking the backs of law abiding citizens because I somehow doubt that they’re even reading my silly little column.

I got some relief late last year when a number of incidents were reported where thieves were caught red handed by vigilant citizens who said enough was enough…I say that needs to continue. I’m not calling for chaos or anarchy, murders or violence, but for goodness sake, if the relevant parties are not doing their jobs sufficiently then it’s time that we step up and protect ourselves and our neighbours.

I just hope that the same inactivity that goes into stopping the crimes will go into prosecuting individuals who defended themselves and their own because seemingly, people who do just that end up paying for a “crime” and treated as criminals.

Whist my heart goes out to all those who lost their lives in Paris recently, do pardon me for not joining in on the “Je Suis Charlie” chant. No, MwenSé Rochelle and I think it’s high time that we take our island home back from the grips of terror and receive justice for all the victims who have seemingly been forgotten over the years.

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  1. There is a saying, “All politics is local”, making your concern about local “terror” germane. However, after reading your statement about the gestures of sympathy by the Government towards the Racist French, I could not help thinking, did Kenny send any such statements of sympathies when the one hundred and fifty teachers and children were massacred in Pakistan a few weeks ago, or the mass kidnapping of the school girl-children in Nigeria.

    I am happy that Kenny did not waste the taxpayers’ money to attend this world display of hypocrisy by vicious racist like Jordan’s King Abdullah or race-baiting former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. President Obama has come under much criticism, even being compared to Adolf Hitler by the Caucasian racist in the USA for not participating in this world-record march of hypocritical leaders, many of them guilty of imprisoning their own people for writing against oppression – the Prime Minster of Israel is a prime example.

    “By not attending the unity rally in Paris on Sunday, President Obama has missed an opportunity to show leadership, to demonstrate that Americans are as committed to fight against terrorism as anyone in the world,” wrote Stuart Anderson a right-wing contributor in Forbes.

    From there, right-wing opinion outlets and assorted cable news outrage-generators declared the president’s decision a stain on the republic. The New York Daily News upped the stakes, suggesting that Obama had “let the world down,” with columnist Mike Lupica sighing that “the United States of America should have been at the front of that line, and was not.” And so the hypocrites came crawling from the septic tanks like vermin – what have these vile racist said as Boko Haram massacred thousands of Black people in Nigeria the same week they were condemning terror against WHITE people?

    The reality is that these leaders and their countries are not united. They’re not “Charlie.” Nor are they “Ahmed.” They are are not united against terrorism, Islamic or otherwise, and certainly not in favor of any kind of real free press. The French, especially, are deeply divided. What’s truly on the march today in France and Europe is Islamophobia and Racialism. So, while it’s surely nice to see all those well-meaning millions of the common people out for a Sunday stroll together, it was simply that — a walk in the park with hypocrites.

    This CNN interview speaks volumes, to the listening ear:



  2. S.O.M You are so Over The Top. Can’t a spade Just be a spade for once? The article is speaking directly about a serious problem affecting us here and now in St. Lucia. Why do you always feel the need to overpower almost every article with your llllong “wealth of worldly knowledge”? There is a time and place for everything man and the fact of the matter is that we do have a serious crime problem here that is killing this country…literally. What say You on that matter? Jeeze!

  3. Yes, rape and terror on Caribbean island by your royal highness.

    Prince Andrew’s convicted billionaire friend ‘didn’t want black girls’, claims his alleged sex slave as she accuses him of demanding a ‘constant influx’ of young girls

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    Epstein would allegedly bed seven of them a day – some just 12 years old
    His lawyers have denied allegations, as has Buckingham Palace

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