NRDF Holds First Ever MBA Test Drive Sunday

THE NRDF will be hosting its inaugural MBA Test Drive for the Australian Institute of Business’s 12 Month MBA, while you work, programme, on Sunday, at the Bay Gardens Hotel.

Jeannette Hughes, AIB Facilitator
Jeannette Hughes, AIB Facilitator

This event was created to offer prospective students an opportunity to get an insight into the 12 Month MBA programme offered by the NRDF, AIB’s Teaching Centre in Saint Lucia. The topic of the day will be Project Management, and will be presented by one of the NRDF’s experienced facilitators, Mrs Jeanette Hughes. The workshop will be followed by an Information Session where prospective students can obtain further information about the programme and interact with the AIB MBA alumni and other test-drive participants.

Mrs Jacqueline Scott, the NRDF-AIB Programme Coordinator, informed, “We understand that making an investment in higher education in these difficult times can be daunting. Individuals require as much information as possible to help them make the right decision. An MBA will likely be the final degree on the resume of most, so it is worth the in-depth research. We have been promoting the various benefits of the AIB programmes offered at NRDF for a few years now. This event takes it a step further by giving Saint Lucians an opportunity to learn first-hand the calibre of our offering by attending a free, no obligation MBA workshop.”

The event ties in with the island’s recent observance of World Productivity Day. Studies show that education enhances productivity, and as Saint Lucia’s workforce becomes better equipped to manage the challenges (and opportunities) that come its way, it is expected that the country will see the resultant effect in increased competitiveness of businesses. More competitive businesses will, in turn, make for more competitive industries and economies. Managers and aspiring leaders, therefore, need to explore how they can enhance their skills to make a greater contribution.

Mrs Scott noted that, “Saint Lucians are a tremendously talented people who are great at what they produce and have grown over the years to the extent that quite a number of local producers continue to hold their own on the international landscape, whilst others are growing their export-readiness thanks to organizations like TEPA and SLSCI. However, one of the key factors that lead to the downfall of many businesses is where individuals are great at their craft but do not necessarily have management skills to keep that vehicle on track.

“With the stark realities of globalization and free trade, we need to reiterate that as a people we have no choice but to enhance our competitiveness. We need to imbue ourselves with a deeper understanding of strategy as it relates to decision-making covering every area of our respective businesses. Added value must be squeezed out of everything we do, every alliance. It takes skill AND knowledge to transform our workplaces into well-oiled machines that can make the trek. And the insight gained from an MBA course of study helps bring it all together for us.”

One of the best ways to decide whether the Australian Institute of Business’s MBA is right for you is to attend the FREE, no obligation test-drive event hosted by the NRDF. Interested persons are invited to register for the workshop by emailing or calling 724 7722. Places are strictly limited. Cut-off date for registration is tomorrow November 19.

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