2022 National Population and Housing Census continues in 2023

The 2022 National Population and Housing Census has been extended and will continue into 2023.

That’s the official word from the Central Statistical Office, which is responsible for conducting the Census.

Director of Statistics Sean Mathurin says good progress has been made thus far, “as we approach an enumeration of 70 percent of households”.

He stated that given the importance of the enumeration exercise, the Central Statistical Office hoped the public would continue to cooperate and support the activity.

“So we would be looking towards ensuring that with the assistance of the public, their cooperation, that early 2023 that we would be able to get the completion of the remaining twenty to thirty percent of the households,” explained Mathurin.

The Director of the Central Statistical Office is again appealing to residents to cooperate with the enumerators who will be visiting in a final push to complete the 2022 National Population and Housing Census.

The Statistical Office expects to complete the census by early next year, possibly at the end of January.

He declared: “We really hope that given the importance of this national exercise, the public will continue to provide that support and cooperation.

“As a nation, we could all come together to ensure that the objective of completing the census , and having every household enumerated by early 2023, hopefully end of January, 2023 and that objective will be met,” Mathurin noted

Enumerators are still in the field targeting remaining homes.

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