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Transformation must be seen, not just heard

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

So often, you hear about policy changes and the amendment and tweaking of Laws, but still, we don’t seem to see the effects or the results. Granted in some circumstances the changes we seek will take time to manifest, but in most instances, it seems to take forever.

Take the backlog of criminal cases and the remand rules and laws. Cases still seems to be at a standstill because justice is usually on halt for most persons seeking closure.

We have heard in the past about Night Court to speed up the process and the employment of more judicial support staff, the appointment of new personnel in the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), yet things remain the same as in the past. It seems as it relates to some cases, nothing ever happens.

Some investigations never seem to end or bear fruit. Conclusive decisions seem not forthcoming and despite all the forensic findings and clues and evidence found at various crime scenes, the powers that be never seemed to give closure or put an end to an episode.

It is one thing to talk about what must be done, or to put Laws in place to assist the process, but if there is no follow up, or continual probing or prudent investigation and enforcement, how are we to get timely results.

For there to be a change we must see action; and results must be more forthcoming — and timely. We must stop waiting forever for conclusive results. We live in a time where we expect to get things today, not tomorrow.

We cannot remain in the same mode as yesteryear. Progressive thinking and action must replace the old methods, we must demand accountability, and information pertinent to cases, must be transferred to all concerned.

The notion of doing things at the same old pace has to become a thing of the past.

It has been proven and accepted that the arms of justice work too slow, especially in this country.

So, after all the above, I am making an appeal to the powers that be to up their antics, get real and become more proactive. This is the only way we the public will accept that things are happening on our behalf.

It is not only hospitals that seems to take forever to finish, but we still await the meat processing plant, the so-called racetrack and the car track in the South, we await the new administrative building as well, the four-lane highway to the North, the improve garbage disposal site, etc.

We still await the law enforcement new policy and Hall of Justice and new Chief of Police; in fact it seems that we are constantly waiting for results or things to happen.  In the meantime, all we get is talk and more promises and futuristic plans and ambitious ideas.  And that will most likely change with the coming of every future regime change.

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