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Commissioner’s Lobbying Sees Marine Unit fully booked for US backed Training

Commissioner Desir (front) on a tour of Marine Unit with or Home Affairs Honourable Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte

Since the reinstatement of relations between the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force RSLPF, and the United States of America Government in 2021, the benefits have begun pouring into the area of capacity building for the Marine Unit.

Commissioner of Police Milton Desir recently expressed elation on the reinstatement of the relationship with the Americans, underscoring that the Marine Unit is already fully booked for training until 2023, with about seven officers benefiting from short courses so far.

The Commissioner of Police said during the time that there was a pause on the long-standing relationship, he’d lobbied unrelentingly for the resumption of US support to Marine Unit. “I am happy that the US is back with us. We made every effort to help them understand the importance of the training to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force with constant reminders at every conference, and every opportunity we got. They really saw the need because I explained that it is necessary for us to have a strong link in the chain; because with drugs and contraband going up to the US; you’re Dominica, you’re sponsoring Antigua, you’re sponsoring St. Vincent, but Saint Lucia remains open. I kept reminding them that a chain is as strong as its weakest link and I think they heard what we were saying.”

Commissioner Desir made the observation last week, when he accompanied the Minister for Home Affairs Honourable Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte on an official tour of the Marine Unit compound located at Vigie, Castries. Meantime, Minister Albert – Poyotte commended the Commissioner of Police for his invaluable efforts in promoting the process of re-engagement with the United States of America and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, RSLPF.

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