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Let us avoid spinning top in mud

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

The best way to create employment is to employ creative persons to help others become employable.

There is a school of thought that suggest that idleness is the devil’s workshop, meaning if one finds something meaningful to do, it may deter one from the nothingness that offers them time to think negative thoughts.

The government is always looking for ways to create employment, but seldom sees itself as the base of established initiatives.

Work experience comes two ways, one by being on the job, the other by learning how to do the job. We have persons skilled in a number of skilled areas, but not embraced in a progressive structure with the right objective. But if millions can be spent on mortar and steel development, why can’t it also be spent on human development?

The idea of waiting for Mr. Investor to establish shop is not working at a satisfactory speed or pace. People need work now and don’t mind getting more for giving more.  Consider that as overtime, or additional time spent to give better opportunity to more people and make more for self.

It is sometimes thought that you need money to start a new business, but it should start from being able to be competent enough to deliver on your desires.

In every community, even towns, as well as in the city, you will find unused structures ideal to be transformed into some workable space.

The problem to my mind is thinking outside the box and investing in people rather than things. There are so many things we can get better at doing, but the lack of supportive guidance is what hampers national growth.

Today’s frustration is real and not everybody has the patience to wait for things to happen.

The school-leaver usually becomes the first victim because his or her idea of graduating into adulthood seems to be moving at a slow pace or no pace at all. Hence the reason that most could be influenced to take shortcuts and get involved in get-rich-quick scams and schemes.

To protect the generation from such pitfalls, the powers that be must always think one step ahead because opportunity to engage in positivity can always overtake such negative trends.

Alternatively, there must be more attractive propositions on the table. Today it’s all about “earning” so that one can realize their dreams, needs and wants.

The desire to become successful in the shortest possible time is the present-day trend and aspiration. For government to be successful, be it today or tomorrow, they have to do more to solve this existing plight.

No money, no love — and “no options” leave only negative prospective. So, I say, pay more to get more so that more people can gain the means to a legitimate survival.

We are swimming against the tide and if crooked business becomes the prevalent need, then the outcome could only spell catastrophe.

To every problem there is a solution, but we need to deal with the problem head on, tap the unused minds or create a pool of want-to-doers.

Our population is small, meaning the problem is not so large, but if this condition festers and no due care is administered, then we are only spinning top in mud.

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