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Ti Blacks – The Best is Yet to Come

Ti Blacks
Ti Blacks

His name is Deshawn Augustin, born and raised in two communities in the south of the island, Bruce Ville aka Shanty Town and Chocolate City Pierrot. We call him Ti Blacks; he is one of six children from his mother’s side. “I have five sisters and a few other siblings on my dad’s side.” Loud this weekend got to sit down with a very busy Calypsonian and Soca artiste to learn a little more about the creative that is Ti Blacks. Here is part of his story.

Ti Blacks: Growing up I was faced with many challenges but those circumstances forced me to stay focused. I attended the Vieux- Fort Primary School and then on to the Anse – Ger secondary school. After graduating, I went to the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. I’m a lover of music and the creative arts. I would say that I got the love for music from my mom who passed away a few years ago.

You’ve had a break-out year in 2022. Take us through what we like to call the “Ti Blacks crowning moments”.

Ti Blacks: I would definitely start by saying if you want something, you will work your hardest to achieve it. I can say I’ve had a very successful year winning two crowns Mr. World Intercontinental and Chantè Kweyol King. I knew I wanted to be victorious so I made it my duty to stay focused and work towards that. On the night of my first show when I was announced king, I was really surprised because I had already doubted myself and said that I wouldn’t win but again if you don’t believe in yourself no one would believe in you. So, after being crowned I realized and said yup, you are king boy lol. My second show was not as bad as the first. I said, humbly in my head I knew I had already won after I performed.

Tell us about the individuals who have been staples in your musical career and the masterminds behind your songs.

Ti Blacks: I have so many people to thank for where I am now and say how grateful I am for all of them. My mentor, King Arthur for all this is because of him. I am where I am today because he gave me the chance that I wanted to be very honest. I respect my mentor wholeheartedly because he gives the youth the avenue. He is not just Arthur Allain, the 5-time Groovy King but he is Arthur the one artiste I can boldly say that gives the younger ones a platform to showcase their talent in Saint Lucia. Swayne (S.E DIGITAL) reached out to me and told me he was working on a song for me and he wants me to work with him and his team. I was all for it because of all the good things I had already heard about him.

How did you deal with that disappointment at Calypso Semi-finals to bounce back and secure your spot in the Groovy Soca Monarch Finals?

Ti Blacks: I was really disappointed because I was so looking forward to making the Kaiso finals.

But they say everything happens for a reason. I fueled that disappointment on the Groovy stage and I was confident that I would’ve made the finals. I strongly believe in the saying “when one door is shut on you another one opens”.

There were a lot of rumours about your song and its eligibility. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans about that and also let them know how they can enjoy your songs for the season?

Ti Blacks: All I can say about the song is it will forever live in the hearts of my people. A new version was recorded and released on YouTube because everyone was asking me to do that.

Now that is done, everyone can go to YouTube and show some support and love.

The big stage and as usual you made it your own. What was the mood like in your camp and what are the plans for Ti Blacks outside of the carnival season?

Ti Blacks: This was my first time on the big stage so I was very nervous however, I had a team of experts working with me so I definitely was not afraid. The season won’t end here for me. I want to release music all year round because I believe that music is not a seasonal thing.

I want to take the time to thank everyone who has been with Ti Blacks from the start.

I am forever grateful for all the support.

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