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One Man Seriously Injured After Robbery at a Secondary School

A security guard at the Ciceron Secondary School was attacked by hoodlums and thieves at the crack of dawn as he tried to thwart their actions.

In accordance with the information provided to The Voice, a 63-year-old security guard was on duty at the time of the invasion of the school compound by an unknown number of individuals who then pursued and savagely attacked him.

Annia Mitchell, Communications Officer with the Saint Lucia Firefighter Service, said that at 5:40 a.m. emergency personnel responded to a call of an assault at Ciceron Secondary School. She also confirmed that the 63-year-old male suffered multiple injuries.

First responders rendered emergency aid and transported him to OKEU Hospital, where he was left in the care of medical professionals.

Despite it being unclear whether the thieves made good on their robbery after assaulting the gentleman, speculation has been rampant that a recent donation of electronics may have been the motive for the robbery.

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