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Do We Bell The Cat, Or Let It Cry?

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

All developed and developing societies are governed by a set of rules and Laws usually put in place to control the actions of Mankind and to ensure that there is some sort of control and normalcy. Hence the reason certain institutions have opening and closing times, to ensure compliance with their approved system.

Also, to have and practice certain privileges, one is sometimes required to have a license, by law, which determines what can, or should be done, without contradiction. For example, in most city centers, there are pedestrian crossings and traffic lights to control the flow of people and vehicular traffic, to avoid situations that can be detrimental to pedestrians or drivers. Hence the reason for traffic-lights and road laws and the right of pedestrians to cross pedestrian crossings.

So, there are speed limits, right of way, places where you should cross and recommended safety-gear and requirements for bikers, bright and dim light rules, as well as junctions when on the highways, places where you ought not to overtake, as well as speed limits…

Basically, there are laws for road use. If you drive a vehicle on the road that the state provides, all these laws and rules should be applied. You are supposed to be a certain distance away from the vehicle ahead of you, there are places where you ought not to overtake (like bridges or hairpin bends, etc.) and all these rules and laws are there for the protection of road users and each other.

But lo-and-behold, these days there are so many violations… It seems like people feel they can or should do as they please, regardless of the rules and laws, so the ultimate outcome is always chaotic.

The same applies to having a firearm, building codes, legal rights and gaining your rights when they are violated. There are specific rules and conduct behavior patterns to be applied. But it looks like the system has no control of its rules or laws, as we commonly say ‘it has broken down’, or the people have no regard for accepting these laws or rules and so the end result is lawlessness, despite the consequences.

So, the questions I ask are: How do we deal with this new norm? How do you dictate or decide how people should be governed? What should be the ideal situation or how should we progress as a nation? Who is in charge? Or, is it the time in our history for all to do as they please, because we have allowed the people to dictate and the system is now fully challenged?

Do we understand that this new norm will lead to more conflicts, more criminality, more stress and more problems?

As the saying goes: Who will bell the cat? Who will fix the broken system? Or is it too broken to fix? Or is it at all necessary to do something about it. If we cannot set rules for a civil society, how do we resolve the situation of lawlessness that now confronts us?

Do we just go with the flow, throw our hands up in the air and surrender? Or do we find new means to deal with this breakdown in values and principals, or just accept that it is what it has become?

Are we back to the stone ages? Are we regressing, or developing, or are we stagnant, or have reached the crossroads and our hands are tied?

Is there a solution to this way of life, or do we justify the people’s actions and just go with the flow because this is how it is?

If such is the case, then I suggest we ban the use of law enforcement, or security, as there is no need for court cases, or for seeking justice and vigilante justice may be the only way to go, like in the cowboy days when ‘the fastest draw always wins…’?

And so, if there is no justification for having licenses, then there is no need for paying fines when there is a violation and therefore no need either, to expect a better tomorrow.

What do we want or need to do, to reverse this growing trend of lawlessness? Does this ‘now generation’ have the right to dictate our future, or is this the end of having a civil society.

Just a few questions for your active consideration…

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