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Heineken Saint Lucia Joins Environmental Stakeholders to Help Heal Makote Mangrove

On Saturday February 26th, 2021, the largest mangrove in Saint Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean, Makote Mangrove, benefited from a combined restoration effort.  With the purpose of Brewing a Better World Heineken Saint Lucia supported the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT), the Vieux-Fort Town Council, Forestry officials and other stakeholders in planting nearly 1000 mangrove seedlings.

Heineken Saint Lucia Joins Environmental Stakeholders to Help Heal Mankote Mangrove

In 2015, the loss of 12 acres of mangrove forest was observed at Makote, which led to the establishment of a nursery for red and black mangrove trees in 2016, with the aim of achieving maximum restoration of the site.

“Mangroves can be considered one of the most important ecosystems on the planet and are an extremely valuable resource in climate change mitigation. As a Vieux-Fort resident and conservation enthusiast I believe Makote is a priceless national and community asset, that is worthy of being safeguarded, as it facilitates subsistence activities, including fishing and charcoal production, carried out by our local communities.” Commented Mayor of the Vieux-Fort Town Council and Secretary of the Council of the SLNT, Mr. Cyril Saltibus.

Corporate Affairs Manager of Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd, Ms. Louise Victor further detailed the company’s involvement remarking, “We believe when our communities thrive, we all thrive; and Saturday’s collaborative mangrove tree-planting efforts spoke to the passion and reverence we share for this southern haven. For us at Heineken Saint Lucia, as a long-standing member of the Saint Lucian and Vieux-Fort community we recognize the value of the eco-systems around us, and our demonstration of care for people and the planet is always in motion.”

“Sustainability causes such as this Mangrove Restoration Project are in direct alignment with our Environmental pillar of Brew a Better World, which focuses on three core areas including carbon neutrality, circularity, and healthy watersheds. Mangroves have an enormous capacity for absorbing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, protecting coastlines from storm surges, and are home to a wide array of biodiversity.” Victor added.

As the SLNT and other stakeholders continue with the execution of Makote Mangrove Management Plan and conservation efforts of the Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area, Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd. is committed to continue partnering with all players.

Further aligned to supporting environmental focused initiatives, the also continues to support REPLAST Collection efforts.

To learn more about Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd.’s Brewing a Better World agenda visit

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