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P.M. Pierre Appoints Committee to Review HIA Redevelopment Project

The Cabinet of Ministers has appointed a seven person committee to review the Hewanorra International Airport (HIA) Redevelopment Project. The committee has been tasked to review the scope and financing arrangements of the HIA Redevelopment Project and to report its findings within 90 days.

Prime Minister, Hon. Philip J. Pierre
Prime Minister, Hon. Philip J. Pierre

The committee is chaired by Mrs. Allison Jean, a former Permanent Secretary with over 30 years of experience in public service. Other members of this professional review committee include Mr. Cromwell Goodridge – Engineering, Mr. Winsbert Felix – Procurement, Mr. Paul Hilaire – Finance/Economics, Mr. Lorne Theophilus – Law, Mr. Calixte George Jr. – Engineering, and Ms. Zanna Barnard – Economics.

The HIA Redevelopment Project has been shrouded by controversy after court documents from the United States were filed and became public, naming ministers of the 2006-2011 UWP Administration as persons of interest.

In 2011 the SLP Administration, through the IFC-World Bank negotiated a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), through a trusted global process for bidding and construction. This arrangement was abandoned in 2016 by the UWP Administration and the Government of Saint Lucia was fined USD 1 Million.


  1. Philip J. Pierre can turn out to be one of St. Lucia’s greatest prime ministers. Thus far, he is decisive, resolute, and committed to his campaign promises. He is hell-bent on taking the people out of their political despair, created by the previous administration. It’s worth pointing out that the path to a better future should not be blocked by misguided concepts of fiscal rectitude. Governments rise and fall on the basis of their legislative agendas.

    The committee to review the HIA project is the beginning of the restoration of democratic institutions which were being stripped away. Those people on the committee in my assessment are eminently qualified for the appointment. And we are expecting a thorough and comprehensive report from them.

    Mr. Prime Minister, we have to embrace the long road to reforms and create a system that works. We want an immediate end to the politicization of state institutions and also an end to the neoliberal economic system. That system, some would argue didn’t deliver steady economic growth but ultimately failed to help poor people. The UWP had gone authoritarian now is your turn to restore our democracy.

  2. Well said, Leon. Indeed, the way ahead is a blank slate for the reformation of democracy in St.Lucia.

    Nevertheless, as we have seen, there are all sorts of detractors ready to muddy the waters.

    But, there is a GIOD above who knows how to guide our modern Moses to bring the people through deliverance.

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