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Is St Lucia at the Brink of Collapse?

By James Edwin

Politics in the last several years have taken a twist which does not augur well, and this dimension appears to be taking the world in a new direction.  The success and apparent acceptance of this new phenomenon seems to be dominating the political landscape and within the Trump administration we witnessed the growth of the twist at an alarming rate.

Responsible journalists within the US documented the thousands of blatant lies of a President and yet a vast number of US citizens simply accepted what transpired as normal behaviour.  Unfortunately, here at home we have witnessed a similar situation which worked like a charm.  St Lucia has now inherited an administration totally unprepared to govern but even more worrisome, they have inherited a disturbing pandemic which has only highlighted and exasperated their incompetence.  St Lucia today is in deep trouble as our Prime Minister has completely misread the behaviour of his people placing the nation into a compromising health situation which will have devastating consequences on our economy.  In one month, the nation has chalked up over two thousand new Covid cases and growing.

We need at this time to revisit the actions of the Trinidad and Tobago Government after encountering a similar Covid situation on their shores.  We quote, “In T & T we have a ticketing system too, but it is an immediate $1,000.00 fine that has kept the curfew breakers to the minimum and the cops are out all over the place from 7pm although the curfew starts at 9pm.” Has our Prime Minister not learnt anything from the actions of his predecessor and the Trinidad Government?

Our situation today has forced us to revisit the works of George Orwell in his last 1984 edition and we quote, “As you know 1984 explores a dystopian world where a totalitarian regime maintains power through spreading destructive misinformation and propaganda.”  As Orwell writes in the pages: “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”  In today’s world – where science is scrutinized, surveillance is on the rise, fear tactics dominate politics, and ‘alternative facts’ stifle the truth, 1984 explains the unbreakable relationship between truth and freedom.  As we navigate the post-truth era, 1984 reminds us why it is important to defend the truth above all else. And to stand up for what we believe and not be coward by party politics and bulky boys in social media.”

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  1. These days the partisan divide runs very deep, and even those who try to play umpire seem afraid to call out falsehood.
    Mr. James Edwin’s article is mired in the mock of toxicity. This I would argue is an act of shameless duplicity. His attempt to engage in fallacious argument to hide and conceal the hypocrisy, mendacity, and criminality of the previous administration is at best sophomoric. It’s worth noting, by the way, that in order to form a coherent argument the facts must fit the narrative.
    In light of this deadly and often debilitating contagion, Covid-19, there are two easy and effective tools available: masks and vaccinations. If Mr. James was not blinded by his political zealotry, he would realize that the spread of the virus was undoubtedly due to the numerous motorcades prior to the July 26, 2021 election. At the motorcades, there was an unchecked spread of infection resulting in consequences for the entire nation. Sometimes it takes brilliant innovation to solve a problem, not brutal force. The current administration is concentrating on the former.
    Mr. Edwin went as far as quoting George Orwell from his book “1984” to validate his ridiculous assertions. Unknowingly, Mr. Edwin may not have realized that George Orwell was writing about bare-faced dictators like Allan Chastanet, Guy Joseph, and the diminutive Dominique Fedee.
    Allan Chastanet is a carpetbagger and swindler who in five years ruined a country strenuously struggling on a path of progress and stability. Within this short period of time, Chastanet had gone authoritarian. George Orwell on the contrary detested authoritarians and as a result, would have loathed Chastanet instantly. The previous administration was more like an authoritarian political cult than a normal political party. In short, everything about this cultist party was Orwellian.
    Currently, St. Lucia has risen from the brink of collapse and is on the verge of prosperity and progress. Covid-19 is a challenge but it will be defeated. Because vaccine hesitancy, conspiracy theories, covid-19 denials are not unique to St. Lucia, they too will face imminent demise. Keep in mind that developed countries are impacted heavily by the contagion and are obligated to find a permanent solution.
    It’s worth pointing out that Mr. James Edwin’s argument is nothing short of perfidy to apportion blame on a new administration that is barely thirty days in office. Let us be mindful that in the coming weeks, we will undoubtedly hear the argument that now is the time to compromise and move on. That argument is deceptive. There is no compromise with politicians who embezzled money from the state. There is no compromise with politicians who called the populace: mendicants, jackasses, and lazy. There is no compromise with politicians who wanted to drive St. Lucia toward authoritarianism. St. Lucia is just getting out of a Chastanet-induced coma and we implore Mr. James Edwin to help us return this country to normalcy.

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