MHMC Reaffirms Commitment to Improving Quality Care to Community

THE management of Millennium Heights Medical Complex (MHMC) is aware of reports made in the media by Mr. David Monlouis concerning the level of care provided by Owen King EU Hospital (OKEUH) to his loved one. Management and staff of MHMC would like to extend sincere condolences to Mr. Monlouis and his family on the passing of his loved one.

The management of MHMC has been following this case closely given the initial report broadcasted by Caribbean Hot 7 TV news. The senior management team and clinical team managing the case maintained constant dialogue with Mr. Monlouis and the patient’s daughter concerning the diagnosis, care and next steps required for the treatment of the patient throughout the patient’s stay at OKEUH.

MHMC’s management and team are committed to taking every incident report seriously. The report made by Mr. Monlouis via the media has been noted and the claims made have been reviewed. Our preliminary review has indicated that the clinical management of the patient was consistent with our scope of practice based on the symptoms presented by the patient.

MHMC’s management and team takes the opportunity to advise the community which the institution serves of its formal complaints process which has been revamped and implemented for filling complaints. This revamped process ensures that patients and their families have an avenue to lodge complaints and find resolutions quickly. The team encourages anyone who may have any concerns with treatment, patient care and interactions with us, to lodge their complaint by filling out the Complaint Form, these are available upon request via the Wards or administration office. This form will allow us to capture sufficient details and a clear process for us to thoroughly investigate incidents and resolve as soon as possible.

MHMC reaffirms its commitment in improving the quality of care to our patients and we welcome all feedback which can be used to evaluate our current processes and procedures.

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