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NAGICO has assumed control of CLICO St. Lucia non-EFPA policies

Pursuant to a Scheme for Transfer of Insurance Business Agreement between CLICO International Life Insurance Limited (“CLICO”) and NAGICO Life Insurance (EC) Limited (“NAGICO Life”) which was approved by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court on January 15, 2021, the Insurance Business of CLICO the annuity/pension, life, and medical insurance policies were assumed by NAGICO Insurances.

List of policies include the following:

Individual Medical Policies (names include Advantage Silver, Advantage Gold, Advantage Platinum and Col-Med)
Term Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance
Endowment Plans
Critical Illness Policies
Universal Life Policies (specific name Lifetime Advantage)
Individual Deferred Annuities (specific name Flexible Premium Annuity NOT to be confused with the
Executive Flexible Premium Annuity aka EFPA)
Individual Immediate Annuities/Pensioners

For policyholders who were unable to update their records at the CLICO ‘s offices in February and March 2021, “we are requesting that you kindly submit a valid ID, Proof of address and fill in a KYC (Know your customer) form which can be downloaded from our website at kyc-form/.” Completed forms and other supporting documents can be submitted by uploading via the website (stated above) or via the emails provided below.

“We understand that you may have other questions about this transfer, your policy, and claims. Should you need further information, please contact us via email (for medical inquiries) and (for Life-related inquiries) so our representatives can arrange a call or meeting to best serve you.”


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