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Barre D’Isle Remains Closed

The Ministry Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour advises the general public that the Barre D’Isle road remains closed to all forms of vehicular traffic, until further notice.

This is in the interest of Public Safety as restoration works continue on a section of the road compromised by a major landslide.

Drivers are encouraged to use alternative routes.

The Ministry of Infrastructure appeals to citizens not associated with the ongoing works, to avoid visiting the area, as risk remains high.

Further updates will be provided during the day.

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  1. It is a ritual we go through year after year, for generations past. This Road is obsolete
    and should be Band permanently. For many years I heard of an East Coast High Way
    what happened to that concept? we better quit thinking and start doing something about
    that soon before a worse and sad situation happens. The forecast is for many hurricanes
    this year, don’t let it catch you napping. I pray for you all, in a Covid year + Volcano dust.

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