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Saint Lucia records its first and second COVID-19 death

The Ministry of Health, this afternoon confirmed the news that the Prime Minister had broken earlier during the day. Saint Lucia has recorded its first COVID-19 death.

In a press statement received by The Voice at 4:24 PM, the Ministry of Health confirmed that the island’s first COVID-19 death in-country is a 47-year-old male from the Micoud District.

“He presented at one of our hospitals due to the complications of underlying medical conditions where he was treated and being managed for these issues. As part of his care, he was also assessed and swabbed for COVID-19 and his results returned today as positive for the virus.”

News of the second individual, a 78-year-old male from the Gros-Islet district was presented to a health care facility where he was tested for COVID-19 came later in the night. A release from the Ministry of Health confirmed that the patient was placed in isolation at the Respiratory Hospital and on Saturday, November 7, 2020 results were received confirming a COVID-19 diagnosis.

“While at the facility the patient required critical care”, the release stated.

Contact tracing in relation to this case was undertaken and close contacts have been tested and
where required, placed in care.

The Ministry of Health has extended its greatest sympathies to the family and loved ones admitting that “this is indeed a difficult time for them all and this loss is also being felt by us within the Ministry of Health.”

The Ministry of Health and Wellness will continue providing updates as information becomes available. Investigations and contact tracing in relation to this case are currently on-going.


  1. My deepest condolences to the family. I am a bit confused… how did the Ministry of Health receive the positive test result and confirmation of the cause of death on the same day? Was an autopsy performed on the deceased hours after the Ministry received the positive Covid-19 test result, or was the cause of death presumed to be from Covid because of the test result?
    What were the “underlying medical conditions” and how serious were they?
    Can someone please enlighten me and shed some light on my ignorance.

  2. Our condolences to the families of the gentlemen from Micoud and Gros-Islet who passed.
    It must be understood that people die everyday, but at a time such as this when one feels
    a little sick, and don’t worry about it, till things really get worse, get tested and later finds
    that the problem should have been taken care of much earlier. This scenario happens every
    day. One doesn’t have to be a genius to figure these things out; people just have to listen to
    the Medical experts, the Doctors, information from the Ministry of Health, relay information
    to all concerned; ‘Mask-up, wash hands as often as possible, social distance’ get lots of Sun-
    light, drink lots of fluid (not Booz) eat lots of vegetables, at the Garden practice deep breathing
    and breathe out forcefully; but most of all, “ask the Lord to cover you with His precious Blood”.
    These are not normal times, no one knows why these things are happening, so look up & Pray.

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