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Saint Lucia at CDC’s Level One

SAINT Lucia has once again been placed at level one on the CDC’s rating, according to Geraine Georges, Public Relations Manager of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.

Image of Geraine Georges
Geraine Georges

She said that level one indicates low risk and those travellers should proceed observing all protocols. Further, it also indicates that travellers from Saint Lucia would not be required to quarantine upon arrival in the U.S.

“Indeed, we did highlight that Saint Lucia was among eight countries globally to have not required travel advisory because of the response at the time to the pandemic, however the number of cases as of late would be of concern and so we note and appreciate the ongoing efforts to contain any further spread of the virus,” Georges said.

“And so it is imperative that the protocols be followed to ensure a safe experience for all and to limit the spread of the virus into local communities,” she added.

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Saint Lucia will today welcome several flights at the Hewanorra International Airport with Air Canada returning to the destination for the first time since reopening the borders.

“It is going to be a very busy day for us with six flights expected to land within 30 minutes and so there has been a significant level of strengthening of the operational logistics at the airport and that is to ensure screening, distancing and further reduction in the processing time,” Georges said.

She encourages all our returning nationals to have their documents on hand when at the nurses’ station, immigration and customs.

“It is something that we have noted is a factor impeding the processing time. Additional taxis will also be on duty to ensure smooth operations and that too means additional taxi drivers returning to work. Overall we are excited.” Georges said.

“We have also noted a trend with British travellers in that cancellations were very minimal and those who have come have extended their stay well past the U.K. projected lockdown period and though this is a very fluid situation and changes could pretty much happen overnight, we continue to be very excited for the trajectory of tourism at this time,” Georges intoned.

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