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Bexon Shooting Leaves Man Gasping for Life

One man was shot and severely injured on Thursday night in Bexon near the Marc gap. According to information reaching our news desk, gunshots were heard in the community at approximately 9:30 pm.

Videos and photos of a man, bleeding from the head and gasping for breath, surfaced on social media and messaging platforms, confirming the fears of residents.

There had been reports for months of an increase in gang activity in the community and according to one resident, ‚Äúthese boys were always shooting at each other‚ÄĚ. Another resident informed The Voice that ‚Äúsometimes in broad daylight they would be shooting at each other‚ÄĚ.

It is unclear the circumstances for the islands latest shooting incident which has the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force actively pursuing leads.

Saint Lucia has been plagued with gun violence for much of 2020 giving law enforcement officials an uphill battle which they have vowed to fight strongly.

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  1. It is quite obvious that there are some elements in the society who just don’t
    give a damn; they have no respect to common decency, for life and far less
    for Law and order. So what do you do when the Legal system is chocked full
    with Cases, some solved, some unsolved and others never to be solved. It is
    fast becoming a crime ridden, Godless and Lawless typical of Latin American
    Banana Republic; as I have always said – if you kill, you hang – but who has the
    balls to implement what is on the books, and if implemented, it has been the Law
    all along. If ‘Lodovik Kennedy’ had not written about ‘Christy’s’ doings at that God
    forbidden No 10 Rillington Place, Kensington, London U.K. exposing the mistakes
    of shoddy Policing, at a time not too soon after the second world war, then hanging
    for willful murder would still be in place – Evans was wrongly hanged because Chisty
    framed him for the death of many in that rooming house. I went checking at that dead
    end London Street, passing near 10 Rillington Place, I just froze, all the hair on my
    arms stood up. It was because of this mistake they stopped hanging in Britain, soon
    after Western Europe and some States in the U.S. also stopped hanging. Pressure
    was put on us and other like minded nations. So now you see, criminals are not afraid
    of prison (most of them been in there) but you can whip, can’t you; pull out the lolo-beff.

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