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Police, Community Members & Medical Officers Unite to Combat COVID-19

PERSONS who absconded last weekend from quarantine at the Rodney Bay Public Health Facility have now returned according to authorities.

Sharon Belmar-George, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), on Sunday, extended gratitude to the police and general public for their support in returning persons in quarantine back to the facility.

Image of Milton Desir, Deputy Commissioner of Police.
Acting Commissioner of Police Milton Desir has commended members of the public for their assistance in returning persons who absconded, to Quarantine.

During an update on the situation, she said, “Over the past two days, the Rodney Bay Public Health Facility has been challenged by persons in quarantine attempting to abscond. The Department of Health expresses thanks to the communities for their commitment to protecting the health of their neighbours and collaborating with communities for the prompt return of these individuals.”

Acting Commissioner of Police, Milton Desir, has also extended gratitude to community members as well as the fire service for their assistance in bringing persons in quarantine back to the Health Facility.

On Sunday, Desir stated publicly, “I must report that based on the information received from the medical team, all persons are accounted for now. I would like to thank members of the public who assisted us in bringing these persons back. I must commend the fire service who assisted us in retrieving one individual and taking them back to the facility.”

Desir said the medical team was doing its utmost to explain the importance of quarantine to persons.

“Based on what I’ve seen it appears that things are looking better. Persons are in their rooms, no one is on the outside. Persons understand now what it is to be in quarantine,” he added.

As of Sunday 22nd March, 100 people were in quarantine and three people were in isolation at the Rodney Bay Facility. The CMO affirmed that special provisions had been put in place for the elderly, pregnant women and persons with small children.

Belmar-George also appealed to the general public to notify public health officials or the police with information of anyone coming from an area of restriction in the last 14 days.

The Acting Commissioner of Police stressed once more, “I must thank the members of the public for their cooperation; those who sent calls and WhatsApp messages indicating possible areas that may have persons who were supposed to have been in quarantine.”

He said that all reserved police officers and members of the police band were called in from yesterday to assist with police work amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I must also thank the police officers who are working very hard out there especially with this COVID-19 and leaving their families to be there to assist; that is what we are there for and we will continue to do it,” he added.

Desir stated further, “I must say that it is a challenge now especially with resources since we have COVID-19 as well as other incidents happening and have to cover the entire country. I must say at this point that I am pleased that the Prime Minister has indicated that he is in support and would be giving all the necessary resources to overcome all these challenges.”

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  1. Hang in there my friend – this may be our darkest hour, but the night is almost spent
    and we await a tomorrow and by the grace of God, it will usher a better promise of light
    of love and the kindness of heart – hopefully one we haven’t yet experienced so far.
    God is Love – St.Lucia is blessed – we survived a bombing in the Harbour, so we will this one.

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