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COVID – 19: All You Should Know From The VOICE Newspaper

OVER the past 135 years, The VOICE Newspaper has existed primarily as an institution to provide news in its simplest and unbiased form and to report on matters covering all spheres of life as accurately as possible with clarity, transparency and without the intent to sway or promote public or personal opinion.

Over the past few weeks, our website, our newspaper issues, and in particular our newspaper front pages, have predominantly featured the dreaded Coronavirus or COVID – 19 as it is now known. We would like to officially declare that as the nation’s leading Newspaper, we shall not waiver and will dedicate each and every issue of our thrice weekly issues of the newspaper to keeping the citizenry well informed and educated on the latest and most recent developments, statistics, informed practices, press releases, bulletins and commentaries on the virus.

This weekend’s issue is no exception. Our editorial page has been dedicated to several local medical practitioners who have submitted an article worthy of publication. We trust that our readers will find it knowledgeable and enlightening and will continue to look to The VOICE Newspaper for the latest information on the dreaded COVID – 19.

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