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‘Tis the Season to Look Out for Counterfeit Money

The new E.C. Polymer notes maybe cleaner, safer and stronger, allowing for the incorporation of advanced security features thus making them difficult to counterfeit but that hasn’t deterred counterfeiters from plying their trade.

Image of real vs fake 20 EC dollar bill
Spot the fake Saint Lucia

With the holiday shopping season upon merchants, consumers and us, we may want to make sure that the money we are receiving is real. Reports of counterfeit $20.00 E.C. Polymer notes were recently made to our news desk together with an accompanying photograph.

While many shoppers will opt to pay for their items with credit and debit cards, businesses places who haven’t embraced the cashless system should be vigilant and ensure that all bills received are checked.

Some fake bills are easier to spot than others and one should always check for authenticity by looking at the security features on each note. Venerable entities such as bars, bus drivers and vendors are encouraged to be most cautious.

Image of Polymer Notes Poster
Polymer Notes Poster

The ECCB has made a brochure accessible for download with tips on how to spot the real notes from the fake.

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