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Principal of St. Mary’s College Speaks on viral Bullying Video

Image of St. Mary’s College
Image of St. Mary’s College Principal Don Howell
St. Mary’s College Principal Don Howell

The Principal, teachers and students of the St. Mary’s College, an all-boys’ school, were shocked on the morning of Tuesday October 1st when they received a series of videos revealing a student of the College physically and verbally assaulting another student of the same school on board a bus filled with other students. In the video, the aggressor punches and chokes the helpless student who repeatedly asks, “But what I do you?”

The principal of the St. Mary’s College, Don Howell, expressed his views on the matter. On Tuesday morning, he remarked, “The entire school community is appalled by that behaviour, including the students; ‘this is unacceptable is what their words are. This is not the kind of behaviour we expect from St. Mary’s College students. The school is totally against and cannot tolerate such behaviour.” The principal confirmed that the matter is being investigated and that the students in the videos were both at school on October 1st; the day school authorities became aware of their existence.

Image of St. Mary’s College
A much quieter day at St. Mary’s College

It has been reported that the students’ parents had been contacted in relation to the incident which took place on the afternoon of Friday September 27th.

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  1. That’s not the first time this is happening my little cousin was a clown on social media being beaten by a school mate at the same school the same Mr Howell did nothing about it but now it’s all over the news with this one all the bullshite talk will come out why be such a bold lier Mr Howell you can’t protect some backs and not cover did you ever take a step like this for RJ be real and fair because the other boys mother is a police you kicked it under the rug

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