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PAWI Opposes LGBT Celebrations — There Will Be No LGBT Pride March

Image of Pastor Eugene (L) and Bishop Eristhee

The Pentecostal Assembly of the West Indies (PAWI) says it is firmly opposed to an LGBT Pride Celebration and Pride March which they said were scheduled for August 23rd – 26th 2019.

However such an event will not take place here as noted by persons connected to the LGBT community.

Image of Pastor Eugene (L) and Bishop Eristhee
Pastor Eugene (L) and Bishop Eristhee

It all seems to be a big misunderstanding however, the PAWI, believing that such a celebration by the LGBT community will take place held a press conference to outline its objections.

This widely discussed Pride Celebration was alleged to have been organized by what is termed as the “Saint Lucia Pride Committee” in association with United and Strong Inc. After several attempts to get in touch with United and Strong Inc., the VOICE was informed by a representative of the organisation that there was not going to be any LGBT Pride March. The representative stated that reports of a march were falsely reported due to a misinterpretation of information which was posted on the organisation’s Facebook page.

Unaware of this, Bishop Thomas Eristhee and Reverend Lazarus Eugene, Tuesday explained the bible’s condemnation of the lifestyle of the LGBT Community. “This whole thing is devilish,” Bishop Thomas proclaimed.

The Clergymen also made bold claims that homosexuals were not in the capacity to teach a child the difference between right and wrong, suggesting that homosexual teachers would be more disposed to teach their practices to children instead of the school curriculum. In regards to the members of the gay community, Eristhee remarked, “They want to teach your children what is right and what is wrong; that cannot be correct. They are saying ‘I want the permission to influence your children, to be in your school, to do the curriculum, to teach your children.” Eristhee went on to ask, “What are you going to teach them? You will teach them what you practice.”

Whether the Pride Celebration will or will not take place, PAWI has made their position clear on the subject. The Bishop and the Reverend announced that the Pentecostal Assembly will be hosting church rallies at the Victory Pentecostal Church in Vieux Fort on August 17th and at Odsan Pentecostal Church on August 19th, the supposed weekend before the alleged LGBT Pride Match. The objective of their rallies is to educate people about the LGBT Community, the ‘dangers of their lifestyle’, and of ‘how dangerous it could be to a nation.’

In voicing his concerns about the LGBT Community, Eugene stated, “They are trying to re-educate our children and it will affect us long term. The pillar of community, society and family will be destroyed; that’s what they are trying to do… this is the agenda.”

When asked how far he would go to ensure that government does not give recognition to the LGBT Community by way of legislation, the Bishop replied, “I hope the Government would not do that at all –however, I have my weapons, and you know you put your weapons out when its time for battle.”


  1. If any Government or City Mayor give the o.k. for any LGBT march any where
    on this poor Island, then you better prepare for the bitter wrath to come; be it through
    both the Ballot Box and for sure Climatic, as for sure the Almighty will not be mocked. .
    You the Sodomites of this world are playing with Fire.That satanic thing is on the march
    because he knows that his time is short, and has inspired his servants to spread the filth
    and some have willingly obliged; go ahead, do it at your peril, you have been warned. but
    know in doing this, you are placing St.Lucia in dire danger of Sodomic destruction for ever.

    1. Maybe you should blame their creator for who they are and represent. There are millions of people who represents this group. You cannot tell me that somehow all these people woke up one day and say they want to be LGBT especially the stigma that this brings. There has to be a valid reason why these people are who they are. I’m not condoning this type of behavior… I just think we need to be more open and except these people for who they are. You don’t need to be their friend. God preached love at all times. So stop judging for you have no right to do that. Those pastors might have a lot more skeletons in their closet than some in the LBGT community. They can do a lot more damage by spreading the wrong message to their congregation.

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