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Vieux Fort Shooting Suspect Released

By Kingsley Emmanuel

A man who was in custody assisting police with their investigations into the shooting death of a resident of Vieux Fort has been released, pending further investigations.

He was one of several men who sometimes slept at the home of the deceased, located on New Dock Lane, Vieux Fort.

Howard Henry, 37, succumbed to a single gunshot wound in his lower body almost two weeks ago while at his home. At the time of the incident, which occurred sometime close to midnight, the house was also occupied by another male.

The firearm has not been recovered by the police.

According to a well-placed source, the police are theorizing that Henry may have been accidentally shot by himself or the other occupant of the house.

Video footage of the man who was in the house at the time when Henry was shot was captured on closed-circuit television (CCTV) from a nearby house. He was reportedly captured leaving the house with blood stains on his clothes. There was no video footage of anyone knocking on the door, which the deceased told the police had happened, prior to him being shot.

Residents have described some of the men who occasionally sleep in the house as being of questionable character.

Since the incident, the house whose owner is in Martinique has remained closed.

In the meantime, the family of the deceased is having a very difficult time coming to terms with the gruesome reality.

As investigations into the mater continue, residents are hoping that the case does not go unsolved as have many others over the years.

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