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Castries Market Redevelopment takes shape

The Office of the Mayor is pleased to inform the general public and members of the business community, in particular vendors operating in the provisions market, of the commencement of the first phase of the Castries Market Redevelopment Project.

Work is scheduled to begin within two weeks.

In preparation for first-phase of construction, the former Fire Service Headquarters Site on Jeremie Street is being made suitably ready as the temporary home for Provisions Market Vendors.

A virtual perspective of the revamped Castries Market.

This comes after several consultations with the merchants, who have all welcomed government’s plan to upgrade their place of business.

The stakeholder consultations had focused on the significant components and benefits of the market redevelopment.

As part of the relocation, vendors will receive a stipend to assist them as construction work unfolds. The Office of the Mayor and the Castries Constituency Council will also work closely with all vendors to prepare them to take full advantage of the new facilities.

The Castries Market Redevelopment Project encompasses a state of the art food court, high-end air conditioned restaurants, a craft market, a box park, a viewing tower, an entertainment area, meat and fish depots and duty-free shopping boutiques, among other amenities.

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  1. NOW, THAT’S FANTASTIC. love it,love it, love it. I may have more to say about
    this beauty later, but for now, congratulations to all who had input in this majestic beauty.

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