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Sir Michael… Deserving or not?

THE EDITOR: I have been sounding the reactions to the knighthood of Sir Michael Chastanet. The only criticism I have heard is by the Opposition SLP, which one can understand because of the nature of party politics. But then, wasn’t it under the SLP administrations that he was also given top national awards? I can understand that the SLP will be vex that the Prime Minister’s father got a top national award under his son’s watch. But let’s be real: will the SLP ever give Mr Chastanet that top award if it formed the next government? Certainly not… The only question that really matters in this case is whether Mr Chastanet deserved the award. If the answer is YES, then does it matter who nominated him or under which government he gets what he has worked for and much deserves? Congrats, Sir Mike. You have earned every one of the three medals you got under both Labour and UWP governments. (100% Saint Lucian)


  1. Well, well, I guess the next time we meet it will no more be Captain Mike
    it will, I suppose have to be, good morning Sir Michael, sounds good to me.
    It’s a long time from the days when I came around to borrow that old Bicycle
    to go for a ride. The family knew it was I who couldn’t afford one then and you
    were not yet a millionaire. Wow how times have changed. So congratulations
    Sir Michael, you deserve it man; I would have thought, if any one of the two of you
    to have received such high an award, it might have been David; Dave was less casual
    while you were more relaxed, till the the miracle kicked in and there’s no stopping you.
    There’s a kind of blessing on your life that hardly any one that I know of can match; and I can
    see the same upon your son, since “the Son also rises” St.Lucia will certainly benefit with it’s rising.

  2. He deserves it just as the Destangs do. These are accomplished businessmen who help create employment, invested in other areas and gave back to the youth, school, the poor, sports and everything else. He was not knighted for his contribution to his home but to his country. Why the cry over who nominated him. Some people get big job because of who is their family. Remember an ex wife got a secondary school split so she can run an infant school, remember she also chaired the SALCC Board and was made something in Education…Hmmm. the tables are turned.

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