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Is Christmas becoming a season for slaughtering both beast and man?

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

DECEMBER used to be a month remembered for its reverence and remembrance as it relates to the birth of Christ, as in the Christian doctrine.

It was a time for sharing and giving praise and being kind to loved ones — and even strangers.

But, sadly enough, the climate has changed and it seems to have become a time for slaughtering both man and beast. Stealing and plundering seem to be the new trend.

People feel they just need to get what they want by any means — be it legitimate or not — the strong pouncing on the weak; farmers cannot sleep at night; businessmen have to be on the lookout day and night, as there are pick-pocketers everywhere and no one is safe, not even in your own home.

Oh, how the season has changed – you can’t even trust your best friend, your neighbourhood can’t trust strangers or passersby. Everybody is on the hustle and desperation is everywhere. Businesses are trying to maximise their sales and everybody wants to profit somehow for the season — and God and Kindness seem to take a back seat.

Adults are afraid for their children’s safety, buyers are afraid of being rip-off, even a walk in the park is dangerous and the nights are getting scary. And everywhere you go, the mood is the same: like we live in one big prison, especially in this month of December.

Though we try to be jolly and cheerful, yet there is doom and gloom all over this land at this time of year.

We the people hope for better in the community, we hope for better for the country and we hope that things would change for the better.

I too wish the same, but I don’t know if my wishes will come true.

I don’t expect toys from Santa and unless I win the lotto I cannot see the change coming. Yet, I hope — like all of you — that we will have a prosperous New Year.

May the Lord look over all of us and protect us from our fellow man – and woman.

To my regular readers, I hope to continue in the New Year.

Enjoy the Season the best way you can.

Jah guidance.


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